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Replacing the Renault battery

I have my Twizy for a few weeks now.

I like the feeling of having a few hours charging and than drive around almost for free. One thing I don’t like is that I have to pay 50 euro a month to lease a battery worth 3000 euro. I would rahter like to buy this battery than the car is really mine.

An other option I was thinking about is to replace the battery with my own battery.

Looking around on the internet you can find a lot of manufacturers that sell electric bike and car kits.
Looks like a 100 kg battery would cost around 3500 euro.
Here look at EV battery.

I also try to find out how I can get access to the battery. The drawing I could find suggest the battery goes out via the bottom a the car?
Anyone more information?

Koen (Antwerp, Belgium)

I would be interested to see if Renault would accept your battery pack in exchange for not paying the monthly lease. Owning your own battery could open up plenty of options, for instance a battery of half the range capacity could reduce the weight of the car by 50kg and significantly improve the acceleration, fine for those of us on short commutes.
However I am behind the battery rental scheme, it removes the one factor from evs that can reduce their resale values.

Thats a slick website, interesting to see peoples comments, personally, I think the rental is one of the best factors, ensuring the vehicles longevity.

Yeah, I’m also 100% behind the battery leasing. I read a statistic somewhere the other day that said EVs with batteries only retain something like 36% of their originals value whilst EVs where you lease the battery retain 56% of their original value. I’m guessing this was after 3 or 4 years. You also don’t have to worry about the battery wearing out and having to find the money for a new one. If it goes wrong, it gets replaced.

How long will Renault support the Twizy battery?
What is the expected life time of a Twizy?

I do have Sinclair C5 in my garage that is 27 years old… maybe not to be compared but interesting to think about.

For as long as you pay the rent. When the battery gets old they will replace with whatever is available at the time, hopefully by then they will be cheaper, lighter and longer lasting.

What is the expected life time of a Twizy?
I do have Sinclair C5 in my garage that is 27 years old… maybe not to be compared but interesting to think about.

At least 27 years

My comment/concerns about the batteryis best described with the sales talk i got:

the local renault sales person told me: “then you won’t get problems with your battery”
my answer to him was: “don’t you believe in the quality of your own products then and what about the standard 2 year warranty? since now you want me to pay €45,- a month for the standard warranty you have on a new product”

Yes, but you are not paying £45 a month for a warranty, you are leasing a product that cost several thousand pounds, and it is not included in the sale price of the car.
i think it is very reasonable, for instance how much do you pay for your mobile phone contract .