Research Opportunity

We’re carrying out some research in London looking at the next generation of products and services for electric car drivers.

We’d like to speak to early adopters of the technology to tell us about their experiences, to test some prototypes for us, and talk about some future concepts.

It should be a really interesting session, will last for 90 minutes, and we will pay you £80 for your time.

If you are interested in taking part please get in touch via email ([email protected]) or phone (020 7407 2546). Thanks!

Again as always - Only people in London drive EV’s

EV’s are driven all over the country and only Londoners are asked. Real people live outside London. It’s time that was learnt by Researchers and the Government alike. In fact if they weren’t so lazy these so called researches could be done in the real world.

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I agree in that I’ve never even seen a Twizy in London, but cant stop seeing them around the rest of the country.
However I disagree that researchers think London is the only market for EV’s. The original “Mini-E” trial was done in Cambridge & “CABLED” which was one of the largest EV trials was done by Aston Univeristy around Coventry and Birmingham, not to mention all the EV research projects Coventry and Warwick University do in conjunction with JLR, Tata, LTI and their city councils.

London is the only place (in the UK) I have actually seen a Twizy!

I could be interested in the research depending on location.