Reset SERV light?

Anyone know how to reset the dashboard SERV light?

No, but I suspect it can be done from the ODBII port in the glovebox.

What caused the light to go on? Do you know?

Normally on Renault, you scroll through the menu on the right stick end, get to service interval/oil change in X miles display, then push and hold the end button on for about 10 secs until it flashes (on some cars there is a tripometer push reset-if this is fitted then press and hold this once the service light is flashing) once flashing, switch the ignition on and off. IIRC!

Would want to know why it came on though-mileage?

The above might not work on the Twizy, but worth a shot!

Well I picked the Twizy up on long term loan. It was registered by a Dealer in May last years and has done 31 miles? The 12v battery was dead - obviously as it has been standing around unused. A charge of the 12v battery got the systems back up and running but the SERV light is on.
Renault tell me it needs 2 recalls looking at. My nearest ZE After Sales Servicing centre is Portsmouth 31.2 miles on the fast A27. Will I make it?
Sewards say I can have the AA recover the Twizy from my home and leave me with a courtesy car for 3 days that I can then drive to and leave at Portsmouth when I collect my Twizy. Will I make it home??

A fully charged Twizy should do 31 miles flat out, mine does 35-40 on fast hilly a-roads

Take the AA option-you’ll only see the dealer once not twice!

The SERV light on a Renault means it is broken :slight_smile: no doubt this came about because it was left in a discharged state. It may go off on its own after a predetermined number of non faulty cycles, but tbh may well need a diagnostic test machine to switch it off. Probably best to get it checked out in case there is a fault.

Yes you are correct! A very large recovery vehicle came and took it away. The Renault dealership say the diagnostic machine says there is a heated rear window fault that they cannot fix. So they are thinking of sending it back to France for repair. I am not impressed so far!

Not exactly a stellar Renault performance so far :smiley:

Resurrecting an old thread. I have been having a number of warning light issues.

  1. I suffered what i think was a dead 12v battery, when I left the lights on, but now the SERV light is on and stays on. I have replaced the 12v battery but that has not helped. Any other suggestions or resolutions I could try before I book it in to Renault for a check up?