Retrofit xenon projectors

Hi there. Anyone here put xenon projectors in your twizy? I have had a look behind and there is plenty of room to do it, the lamp it self is a little shallow, så one cant simply open the lamp up and fit the projector, so the lamp has to be cut. I want to do this, but i need som help sourcing second hand lamps, as i dont want to have loads of downtime on the lovely twizy. We can all agree i guess, that the light output on this little bag of fun, is just horrible…

i have fitted leds on mine better light less electricity used

I considered leds, but a morimoto xenon projector are 10x better. I allready have all i need except for two extra headlamps :smile:

The Morimoto’s do have a great reputation for the beam pattern. How about the MOT? I’ve considered various projectors but they are almost always made for xenon bulbs = big no in Swedish MOT.

I’m currently looking at Hellas Bi-halogen H7 headlights with the same layout and clear lens setup as any bi-xenon projectors:

And if these lights are not enought, maybe drop in some LED headlight bulbs:

Does anyone know the size of the original headlights?

There is no MOT on the twizy here in Norway. Its registered as a quad, and all quads and motorcycles are free from EU control! The headlight looks like a standard 7 inch. But i cant find one with the same mountingtabs. That hella halogen projector looks interesting tho!

The headlamps are excellent anyway, is it worth the bother ?

Wow that makes the Morimotos perfect for you, my next mot is in 2018 so I might do it anyway :slight_smile:

It is worth it for us who live in Norway/Sweden and use the Twizy in winter. This time of the year, it’s dark outside by 3 in the afternoon in Stockholm and some don’t even have sunlight in the northest regions.

Well it’s dark in the uk at 4.15 pm as well , I still find the oe lights better than most cars I drive.

I have never had worse lights then the twizy.
I will post a lot of pics before and after, so you can tell the huge difference. (Asuming i can find some headlamps)

Peter, what LED bulbs did you fit?
Are they straight plug and play???


the second lot were, the first were not. without looking at the packaging i could not say but they came from ebay and the second lot were not expensive

I’m really keen to get LED headlights but I couldn’t find any that looked suitable/reputable, only those from eBay. However more recently I’ve only heard good things about them … I guess it depends which ones.
For the meantime I have a set of Osram Nightbreakers, basically still a filament bulb but with much whiter and brighter light, thus improving the romantic candle-light ones it came with. :smile:

I would appreciate any details on the LED’s as well Peter when you have a chance, do you notice much of a difference?

i did i fitted led sidelights as well. the problem is i still dont have my car back to take advantage of those led lights still at renault having gearbox sorted

ah ok - if you know which to order and can share that, was it a simple removal of the housing and swap out of the bulbs?

I like the idea of LED’s but don’t really want to be making cuts to fit things in

i have looked at my purchase history and cant find where i bought them from it was a straight fit unlike the first ones i bought. they were not expensive which of course is no help sorry

Be carefull though with what LEDs you buy. Some does have a high intensity light without much reflecting on the ground. The beam pattern can also be compromised resulting in dazzling other drivers.

Be sure that the vendor says its for high/low beam and not just the right socket.


I have to check my eyes… The headlights are not 7", they are 5-3/4"
There are plenty available, but i cant find one that have the same mounting tabs.

This last pic is just for fun, kinda looks like a skull.

I gave up finding new lamps. So i got a pair led lights, and they are awsome, but the light shatter is really bad. Have to try repositioning the bulb,