Riversimple Rasa hydrogen fuel cel car from Wales

See video:Riversimple You Tube

The Rasa, a crowdfunded, 580kg, hydrogen fuel cell powered, electric 2 seater made of carbon fibre with gullwing doors, to be made in Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales in order to bring training and employment to a depressed town.
What a glorious little thing, mini-supercar looks, love cabin with loads of headroom and 60 mph from a fuel cell, just my sort of thing and the ideal replacement for the electric Twizy I used to have.

riversimple.comThis is proposed to be launched next year for lease only at £350pcm all inclusive of fuel, lease, insurance, servicing etc-sounds AMAZING

However, I worry that getting the hydrogen infrastructure in place (they will guarantee to part fund a filling station within 25 miles of every owner) will screw them before they get going.

Most cutting edge firms are cursed by being ahead of the curve and footing all the cost with minimal return.

They are crowdfunding it @ £50 per share and asked if I could spread the word on FB etc, but I have no account. They are set up as an ethical eco firm to provide low carbon motoring whilst regenerating a Welsh town which has nothing for skilled youngsters who all up sticks and leave at present.

I thought the car and the people outstanding, the idea fabulous, the business model scary…

To all who watch the Rasa video and like it, please tweet it or post it on FB and maybe they’ll succeed!
If the business model works, the final car for £350pcm all in would be a superb second or fun car. I want one NOW!

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