Roadside recovery

Does anyone bother with the AA / RAC for roadside assistance or does the Renault recovery cover everything (I wasn’t sure if it just covers a problem with the battery or with you running out of juice).


It is supposed to cover everything. AA and RAC struggle with the little Twizy. But there again so do Renault. It is supposed cover flat tyres as well.

Many thanks for this, I need to dig out the number in the manual and store that in the phone for rainy days lol

Read this for what to expect. :anguished:

I had 2 experiences with the Renault recovery services when I melted my relay. Once was decent, just a regular flatbed to the dealer + free rental car, other kind of sucked since the tow vehicle was over 4hrs late, given I was 2KM from the dealer, at that point I pushed the Twizy to the dealer. Let me tell you, pushing it up an incline is a workout lol. The service works pretty well, if the tow vehicle shows up. :slight_smile:

I had to have my Twizy recovered twice, both times a flat battery, the traction was full, but the 12v one was flat.
The first time they sent a local ‘partner’ garage, who I rang and said “you must bring a low loader, Twizys can’t be towed” so they turned up without a low loader, and tried to tow it, idiots. Off they went and came back with a low loader. They then tried to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about, until I rang Renault put it on speaker phone and got Renault to tell them they were idiots.
The second time I spoke to the customer services manager explained the problems from the first time, and they sent a low loader.

Apart from that they’ve been fine!