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Robert Llewellyn doing a talk. Come along


A friend of mine helps run Merseyside Skeptics, and they get a load of good people in to come and do talks on all manner of subjects.

They have this one coming up.


Make a day of it and come along!


  • My challenge is to get a picture of him in Twz.

I know Robert loves the Twizy a lot, so I’ll maybe try and get him in mine :D. Im seeing him on Wednesday so ill float the idea.

Well if you will do it, it won’t seem so wierd when I ask. Pre warn him so I don’t feel so odd.

Of course, he has been in one before…


And had one in the UK for a while on review :slight_smile:

I offered him a ride in mine but I think my eldest kid scared him talking about donuts. As if… rolls eyes

Would love to attend, it’s a bit far for me though :frowning:

Incase this might change your minds.