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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Robert Llewellyn - “Very close to the best [car] I’ve ever driven”

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Tesla Model 3 + iPace = Polestar 2!!!

I wish my model 3 was made in China.

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Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not :slight_smile:

Not at all! The Model 3 suffers from inconsistency - hopefully future ones will be built in the Chinese factory. Many of the Tesla issues could be resolved by spending a bit more time on them.

This is true, I have heard of poor quality manufacturing with the Model 3.

I suspect it’s something to do with their race to get the car out and in peoples hands. This has helped them beat delivery expectations and record a profit in four consecutive quarters for the first time.

They will have their hands full with a manufacturing plant in China plus having to hand all the technology over to them.

I’m not playing the anti-china card , I know from fact.

They send some cars out that should have had rather more scrutiny! Panel alignment, thin paint, finger marks on trim etc etc.

As for getting cars out at the end of the quarter - I think they turn the speed up to 11.

Getting back on the theme of this thread - the Polestar looks amazing! A competitive price. I also love the iPace. BUT, the real frustration is the charging network. Or lack of…

To give you an idea, a return trip to Edinburgh (from Bristol) in my 50kWh Model 3 takes 3 hours less charging than an iPace. The Network is getting better, but is still poor.

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