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RogerNews Should I..? Yep-bought the car Pezza was selling on here! Lots of questions

Hello all,

Found the site whilst researching the Twizy Window’s site… Wanted to find out how people were using their Twizy, any faults etc… Had ordered a brochure that hadn’t arrived so was trying to read as much as I could. Saw Preza’s advert for the Twizy and couldn’t believe the timing really… I had started to look at used Twizy’s due to highish price for no radio (£75 for a net?) and doors without windows (I accept doors with fixed windows could be a fath!).

Went to view a car at my local Renault dealer which was exactly like the car being sold, so decided to take the plunge for free power, no emissions and the 4+ package that means free servicing etc… A no brainer.

So will have a Twizy colour white/green with doors (although I don’t much like the wheel trims). Now driving round with both windows open and no heater on! Well, I have to get introduced slowly from the Abarth 500 I am driving now… Anyone interested? Thought not. I have a couple of months to try and sell it!

Anyone fitted an external weather proof plug and know the amp rating for the cable…? I want to run a spur from my consumer unit.

Will hopefully enjoy the autunm weather before the winter… Anyone use a 12v heater? Ring do a fan heater blower for £14 on Amazon… How powerful a heater would be too powerful?

Anyone bought an alternative MP3 player/speakers for the Twizy - Parrot is steep in price at £290. I might get my 6th form students to design a docking station to fit the Twizy or design windows as a live project for them.


RogerNews :smiley:

Welcome along :slight_smile: I fitted this wall socket from MK on my garage, its excellent for about £25 see here http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/51-Any-of-these-ok
Also fitted my own Parrot, bought it from Renault, about £160 , my fitting guide with pics is on this forum as well.

Welcome to the group.

As for a heater just go for heated gloves and a big coat. M/cycle ones are too much but battery ones are cheaper and would save your battery power in the car. easy to store when you get out compared to a heater.

Just an idea.

Hi Roger,
Running a spur as many people do in to garages will not be able to carry the additional current drawn by the Twiz, plus if you spurred from the board or say, your Kitchen or Garage ring main you would then depending on what fuse board you had installed trip, as the RCD’s are very sensitive to current changes.
We are constantly trying to future proof our clients houses now when we re-wire a property. They may not need an outside socket right now but in the long run it is cheaper to run the cables in now than later. Ideally you would want a separate ring supply to your socket which would then be RCD protected.
As lightly said MK are one of the best brands, stick to the same brands as not many people know but if your electrical switches/fuse board/sockets are of a different brand meaning you bought a cheaper lesser fuse board and then installed MK sockets with Marbo switches, your insurance company wont pay out. So if you are getting your house re-wired in the future stick to one brand.

Our first Twizy sale on the forum!! :smiley:

I guess you are a builder and not an electrician. The first point you should make is that an external socket outlet can only be installed by a Part P registered electrician or by prior notification to Building Control. Also you refer to a ring connected socket, I assume you mean a Radial. As for your comments about being uninsured for using different brands, what a joke, as long as the item meets British standards and has been installed and certified correctly, insurers will pay out.

Yes I’am a builder and not an electrician, I never stated I was an electrician. Obviously a radial, but I was talking in DIY language for everyone else. And of course in an ideal world everyone would get an electrician/plumber/plasterer etc in but you can’t stop anyone doing it themselves! And for the different brands of fittings, our electrician states Elecsa would like him to use one brand only on re wires for that very reason.

No you didn’t state you were an electrician, but you still offered incorrect advice and by mentioning your building firm people will assume that your advice is correct.
I live in the real world and know people will install socket outlets and spurs themselves, but you should still make it clear that they are breaking the law. There are many ways of installing an ev supply, but unless you know the exact wiring system used it is difficult to give correct advice.
Personally I would like to see an individual Radial socket circuit fed direct from the consumer unit via a 16A RCBO. But you can bypass the Part P legally by using a pre wired outside socket outlet from B and Q etc.


Please keep it friendly guys - we’re here to help each other.

just signed up as i have been reading posts on here for a couple of weeks… get my twizy this week…yay :slight_smile: everyone on here seems really helpful.personally i wouldnt use part p registered(my electrician explained the difference between part p and fully qualified) i will definately have a fully qualified electrician do the outside plug, sure it costs more but i wouldnt want someone with limited knowledge doing it. but thats me im not stingy when it comes to safety stuff like that.
im sure doing it yourself wouldnt be covered on home insurance? had my house re wired a year ago and having just taken a look at the sockets in front room and they are mk. pretty sure the board is too!

[size=3][FONT=Times]My thoughts exactly James. This is a forum, not a war.
Quick question Shep, are you Part P or 17th edition?
Im assuming you are only part P and not 17th edition as you said, and I quote “external socket outlet can only be installed by a Part P registered electrician or by prior notification to Building Control.” If you were 17th edition and under Napit/Elecsa etc you wouldn’t need building control approval, a 17th edition electrician under a self certify scheme can sign his own work off.
I was merely passing on what my electrician had told me about using different brands for a FULL re wire, and I stated that. So to re cap Roger, all electrical work undertaken especially where water is or may be present will be cheaper and safer for you to use an electrician registered with either NICEIC, NAPIT or ELECSA. Building control involvement would not be needed.
My advice is simply that, advice, we can not stop you DIY. All Electrical work we undertake is subject to a fully qualified electricians inspection. Have a good week everyone, it’s going to be a wet one in Surrey (raining) [/FONT][/size]

Ok, last attempt, "i wouldnt use part p registered(my electrician explained the difference between part p and fully qualified)"Tina, your electrician may have said this, but if he does not lodge the job with building control, or is not a member of a Part P scheme such as NAPIT, Elecsa, NICEIC etc, he cannot LEGALLY do this work for you. He may be very competent but he cannot do this work.

Buildscapes, I am not a Part P scheme member as I am an industrial Electrical Engineer and thus do not have to comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. Just for your info, I have 17th, 16th & 15th Edition certificates among many others. Do not rely on 17th Ed to prove competence, anyone can take the exam and pass it within one day. All it does is prove you can read and follow instructions. Better would be to look for City and Guilds 2391 Inspection and Test Certificate, a major component in proving competence for Part P registration, along with a full set of Reg’s books, test equipment, scheme membership and successful appraisel of skills etc.

Oh, and your electrician is still wrong about sticking to one brand, ask him to show you in writing where insurers will not pay out.

Sorry to have started a discussion about 17th edition reg’s. I do teach some BTEC Level 2 Construction with an electrical module, and I teach electronics to GCSE. I appreciate all the advice. I noticed that Power Network offer a free instalation for the British Gas ‘post’ on another thread, so have applied for that. It seems I’ve been accepted for the survey at least, as I am in the East of England in Southend on Sea. Does say that any remedial electrical work between the house electricals and the post would be at my expense though!

Anything I do myself, I have checked by my part 17 electrician friends (one works for MK in Southend - they manufacture the fittings here). I was considering their outdoor Master seal iP66 RCD socket as well as a new feed to my consumer unit on it’s own breaker.

I believe I will wait for the survey first as it is free…

Hopefully I will get my car next week! Waiting for DVLA to return the V5C so that we can transfer ownership. Battery lease has been transferred today too!

I will check with my electrician, I remember him clearly telling me Elecsa want him to stick with one brand on re wires for insurance reasons.
Roger, I looked at the polar scheme, with a free survey and free install but cant help think they will tie you into a 12 month contract. cant seem to find any small print about this though, let me know how it goes. Hope you get your Twiz soon

The bit I read was that they wanted to monitor your usage so that they could ‘plan’ future strategy for E.V. hence the ‘i’ in the name. This would be used to collect data for reports etc. I am not certain though as a non-British gas customer whether they would want me to swap providers, bit I will give it a go. A good result today, work has said I can plug in during the day (we have 3phase) for free!

Roger I notice your in Southend, what a great place to own and drive a twizy about, bet you can’t wait for the sunshine. We should really get a meet organised in the southeast somewhere, maybe even somewhere with charging. I’d have to bring my regular car though as I don’t yet own a twizy. :rolleyes:

I’m sure I could just about make Southend if I plan properly.

I did wonder if London to Southend was possible with 3.5hrs charge in between. Southend do a fireworks night on Saturdays in October. We could do a meet in the dark like the twizy video and some moody seaside attraction lighting… Though I dont get my car until next week :wink:

Sounds like a plan. Would love to get some nice shots of my Twizy so that would be the perfect setting. I could pick Ben up on the way.

Are there any charge points in Southend?!