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Rolling back question

My wife is a little worried about the fact that the Twizy rolls back on an incline even though it’s in D - unlike a conventional automatic.

I suggested that she should apply the handbrake, press the accelerator gently so she can feel it trying to move forward and then release the hand brake.

Any thoughts?



My experience is not to use the handbrake at any junction, it can be a faf to get off sometimes, use both feet, ie hold the car on the brake with the left foot and accelerate off with the right.

Exactly. That is what we do. Left foot on brake. I still use the right foot to slow down and if needs be swap feet over on the brake pedal. Handbrake is for anti thrift, to stop fools pushing the car around the car park.:smiley:

I never personally find this to be much of a problem. I find using two feet awkward. I just use my right foot on the brake, and then quickly swap to the throttle to pull away. The Twizy doesn’t have much of a chance to roll backwards.

But then again maybe we don’t have many steep hills daan saaf

There is, as you know, an electric inter-lock between the foot brake and the ratchet button on the handbrake. On ours, we find that if you put your foot firmly on the brake until you hear the “click” of the interlock, then push in the handbrake ratchet button, you can continue to hold it in and pull on the handbrake while you take your foot off the brake and apply it to the accelerator. As long as you keep the ratchet button pushed, the handbrake will hold the Twizy until the engine can take the weight and you will then be able to push the handbrake lever forward for a conventional hill start. This is actually how normal handbrakes work, the only faff being that the foot-brake switch on the Twizy means you can’t even push in the ratchet button unless and until you have applied your foot firmly to the foot-brake.