Route planning and charging times

I’ve found a Twizy (well, online… still need to make calls and buy!) but it’s a considerable distance away.

Realistically at this time of the year, is 45 miles between charge points doable?

And how long would you need to charge for each time to get a usable range?

(This is looking like a mammoth road trip!)

Nope. Far too risky. Aim for less than 40 and not at 50mph. Where are you and where is the car? The Twizy fits inside a Ford Transit van if you have ramps or hire a trailer. Either way it will be quicker.

If you manage 45 miles then you will need a 3.5 hour charge before the next leg. 3 Pin Public charge points are rare - even though every house and business has several sockets.

In the summer we tend to use a 50/30 rule (it’s not perfect) 50 miles at 30mph (on the flat) and 30 mph at 50mph.

Why are Twizys Always at the other side of the country? Doesn’t matter where you live. :grinning:

Quicker maybe, but considerably more boring.

I’m in Peterborough, the car is in West Wales :stuck_out_tongue:

Bit like why the Twizy Owners Club (that’s how I refer to this excellent forum!) is the only car club that never actually has a “Nationals Day” of Twizlers!

If the Twizy is what you want then ask them to trailer it back to you or stick it inside the back of a van :slight_smile: They are GREAT FUN!!!

Perhaps Owners can off you a series of charges. Approx 200miles you will need at least 4 charges assuming it starts full. Avoid Motorways and fast A roads to save power. Publish a route here and see if you have any offers of charge points.

I would suggest you need more in Wales than East of the M1 to Peterborough as it is a bit hilly. However Wales is the best place for 3 pin charge points. I’ve used a few.

I think I know the one you are going for - its a white Dynamique/Technic? Like brand new and the owner is going abroad from memory. I was actually going for that one as it looks mint and cherished but had already done the deal on the one I have which was considerably cheaper but older.

Best of luck but if you are serious just take a van or trailer with you.

No, it’s a Colour at a dealership - 13 plate with 3k miles. Ex Renault by the plate.

I mean, I haven’t even rung yet to see if its there still…

Okay, don’t know that one, not on the usual sites, (Autotrader & Piston Heads). Prices seem to be going up which is odd and the versions without doors seem to be around forever. Best of luck and if you do buy have fun!

Indeed - was a chance find (so I’m keeping a little quiet)!

Up for £4k atm which is a little on the dear side, but we’ll see what they say.

Still there, but waiting for a callback.

Agreed. Has it got doors.
But having said that Twizy prices seem to have firmed up a bit lately.

From West Wales to Peterborough. That sounds like a nightmare trip in the Twizy. It’s an over night job. I think that’s enough to put you off before you have a chance to enjoy the Twizy.
Get them to deliver it as part of the deal or look for one nearer home.
Good luck

Two overnights, starting at 4pm from the dealer.

It does have doors. But yeah, I think it’s pushing it.

You will be. :smile: rin:

Are you a member of the caravan and camping club so you could stop at campsites with electric hook up? There are a number of Owners that might help with a charge. Or even push your luck with Renault dealers, who only have Type 2 chargers externally and you would need to beg a charge from indoors.

Thought i’d found one in Bristol but they’ve called back and it’s sold. They seem to be going quite speedily at the mo.

Welsh dealer still not called.

Twizys have gone up in price - I hadn’t looked before. There are 19 on Autotrader and even ones as old as mine are over £3k . A fair number don’t have doors though. They are usually at their cheapest now while the weather is cold and wet.