Rubbing noise turning left

My Twizy has developed a noise from the front right wheel when turning left.
It sounds like the brake disc rubbing, but it does not make the noise any other time except when turning left!

Any ideas?


It is still likely to be the brakes rubbing.

Is this a intermittent noise? Or just when you move the steering wheel?

Could also be the anti-roll bar.

Remove the licenseplate cover and unscrew the big screws at the rubber sleves.
You need a 16 or 17mm Nut.

Then shake the Twizy a few times form side to side to settle the suspension.
Push the bar all the way up and fasten the screws again.

Some grease or oil on the joints would also be a good idea.

Thanks for the suggestions, I am going to investigate at the Weekend.
I am hoping that its something simple :slight_smile:


I watched a couple of videos on YouTube showing the caliper removal etc
I went out and bought a G Clamp and some wire wool.
Took the wheel off and it was rubbing a little.
So I decided to strip it down.
It had new discs and pads approx. 4000 miles ago and the pads were still good.
The piston was sticking out about 4-5mm and was corroded as expected.
I was really worried that if I pushed the piston out I wouldn’t be able to push it back in and I would be walking to work on Monday! :smiley:
The decision was made for me because after removing the caliper I don’t think I could have got the pads back in again anyway!
So I gingerly pushed the piston out approx 8mm, no going back now…
The piston cleaned up really nice with the fine wire wool I used.
Very difficult to clean where it’s close to the caliper body but I managed it.
Now the moment of truth.
I removed the master cylinder cap and tried the G Clamp method.
The design of the caliper is not very good because where you want to put the G Clamp is where the brake pipe is.
Somehow I managed to use the G Clamp and pressed the piston back :slight_smile:
Cleaned the pads and pins, and reassembled.
Not drove it yet but fingers crossed it’s sorted it
One bad thing was the brake fluid level was very low, it was down to the minimum level
So will go out on my motorbike tomorrow and pick some up


After struggling with pushing the pistons back over the Weekend, I have bought some new kit :slight_smile:
I have bought a Brake piston rewind kit that includes a LH & RH thread pusher.
You can also use the kit to push the front pistons in because the kit includes a blank that should work with the front pistons.
Also bought a Hand vacuum brake bleeder that hopefully will allow me to bleed the brakes singlehanded.
Will report back once the kit arrives :smiley:


Still had problems this week with the Right front caliper sticking.
The range was taking a real hit.
After jacking the car up the wheel was a little hard to turn.
No wonder the range was suffering!
Took the caliper off and the guide pins were a little sticky.
I couldn’t work out how to remove the rubber bellows And didn’t want to damage them, so I had to clean the holes out as best as I could.
Greased the guide pins and reassembled.
The wheel now spins a lot more freely.
Fingers crossed it’s fixed second time around