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Rules Discussion for the Marketplace

Hi James

If it helps, on other forums you need to be paid up member to access the threads offering items for sale

On here, it is most likely that Twizys, parts or tech stuff will be offered; it is helpful for those wanting to buy sell a Twizy to be able to post; or parts such as windows, tyres etc and useful for members to be able to access the ads, so it may be appropriate to just let it happen on here as it will not be excessively used.
It may be wise to ask those who successfully sell an item on the site to donate (perhaps a suggested amount) to the site, as I did.

What always ends up in a row are the “what’s mine worth” threads, so maybe a rule on those or careful monitoring?

Yep, I had thought about charging people to post ads in the for sale section as other forums do, but then I wanted to try and keep this site as free to use as possible. However this is definitely an option I have been looking at and won’t rule it out just yet. If someone successfully sells a Twizy through this website, then a donation/payment of £5-£10 isn’t unreasonable I don’t think. After all, I’m sure it cost me about £40 to list my previous car on AutoTrader!

I agree that it is useful for people to reply to ‘for sale’ threads that’s why I have backtracked on my actions yesterday of locking this section down. I want to keep the board as open as possible and don’t like dictating what people can and can’t do too much.

I spoke with a friend about the ‘what’s mine worth’ kind of thread today and his reply was basically that people should be able to comment if they don’t think something is worth the asking price, because ultimately the OP is entirely within his right to counter those comments with reasons they think it is worth the asking price. This is called negotiating and is a free market. Any potential buyers are free to make up their own minds on what something is worth. Remember, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

I don’t have time now but at some point I will sit down and draw up a brief list of rules for the For Sale section soon.

Keep up the good work-it’s worth it :wink:

James, it all sounds very reasonable and sensible. I am sure you will have the full support of the members.
Thanks once again for all the good work you put in to keep the forum going. It’s a thankless task, but I am sure I speak for all the other members : we are very grateful!!

Sounds a good idea. The donate for a sale idea is also fair, they’d have to pay for autotrader, and this is a much better target audience.