Run out of juice for the first time & with a flat phone

It had to happen eventually. Coming back last night from a location near London I run out of juice about 1 mile from home. My evening driving was all planned in advance with a fully charged battery and an hour charge at a planned location for the return trip I will have add enough battery energy to take me back home.

Unfortunately I got lost twice on the way to my destination making my journey much much longer than anticipated (I could not make my Google Map work as it did before updating the Android software on my phone!!!). As I was going to be late I only charged for about 20 minutes at the planned location and headed to my destination.

For the journey back I stopped to another location and charged for another 30 minutes while having a drink in a bar in Kingston-Upon-Thames. I wanted to stay longer but the bar was closing as it was already 11.00 PM. I had 32% and a reading of 17 miles.

By then my phone was almost flat so I could not check the distance and only guessed that I may have just enough battery charge to take me home if driving extra carefully… But it didn’t work that way. The mileage kept coming down rapidly and I even drove with as little headlight as possible whenever possible.

I reach zero mileage and no bars left and repeated Bip when driving on the A40. I was really getting scared that I will have to stop on this busy A road (cars driving out of London) with no hard shoulders but the Twizy managed to give me that little bit of extra power to get me just out of the A road and stopped about half a mile later with no juice left.

With no phone I was hopeless so I walked the last part of my journey home.

I also realized that I do not have the Renault recovery number with as it is not in the log book or poach. I will call them this morning but first I will try to take my extension lead with me and see if I can plug it in the entrance of a building with flats as the Twizy stopped just opposite one!

Sorry to hear that. Wonder if you are the first one to be stranded by running out of juice. Have you not got the ZE emergency phone number sticker in the corner of your windscreen. Mine was supplied that way.
Anyway let us know how you got on.

@James has a tail of fun with the ZE recover service. Worth a read, might make you try other things first!

[Renault-ZE-assistance experience][1]

Another point is the headlights make little or no difference to the range as they come from the 12V battery which gets charged each time you plug in. The capacity difference of the 2 batteries is so big it has little effect. A mile in the Twizy is approx 2.3KWhrs and the headlights is 120Whrs.

No sticker on the Twizy but I have managed to find a socket in the entrance of the building where the Twizy stopped, I had to climb on a bucket to reach the plug. I put just enough juice to get home for a good charge before going to work.

Glad you got it sorted.

Hope you didn’t charge for too long without unwinding that cable. Wrapped up like that can generate some heat as it is in a coil. The central loops cannot get rid of the heat and the whole thing melts.

It will be okay for a few minutes but not long. I have seen people with melted cables, they always say it worked and never had any problems before. Then when asked it was with very small loads not 10 amps for an hour.

I saw it too when taking the photo and I quickly unwind the cable.

Thats very good to know

I think there would be a useful range increase. Presuming you’re driving very economically, maybe 30mph or less. On the flat I’d guess the motor would be consuming around 600W so switching headlights off would give you at least 10% more range. The 12V battery is being charged as required by the traction battery so does take the load from the lights.

I had to drive home at @ 15 mph one night as we forgot to charge up, think I did 5 miles with the range showing 4.
My work guy ran out when he was using the Twizy whilst we were on holiday. Had had to scrounge some power from a house & was 30 mins late for work :grin:

@EricLafoy that’s a great story, a cautionary tale for all Twizy owners! Glad you were able to stop near somewhere with power and get charged up again the next day. Thanks for taking the time to post some pics, I love the bucket. Not sure that wall socket would meet wiring regs.

I recommend you get an emergency phone charger. You can get some that have their own battery, or you can get wind up ones. I have one in the car and one for camping. They are only a few pounds from eBay etc and could literally be a life saver for that time when you are stranded with a flat phone battery (and Twizy).

In fact I could only charged for about 25 minutes as the power went down and I could not start again…not sure if the entire building was affected but I packed everything and drove off quietly, easy to do with the Twizy and yes the wiring was really dodgy with added black tape around some of the cables but very happy to found one.

Will definitely get an emergency phone charger as I am not very good at charging my phone regularly, probably distracted by the Twizy.

I have a technical question regarding the 12 volt battery capacity at providing energy… With the winter coming I will soon have to have the headlights on when driving back home. How long can you expect the 12 volt battery to supply the required energy before the main battery takes over by charging the 12V battery, all this with a full charge and a good 12V battery.

It takes me around 70 minutes to go home with around 40% of that time sitting in traffic jam & always wonder if the 12V can cope with all that time.


Really depends on how the battery has been treated and how old it is. Lets say 30 mins with just the headlights on, however before it gets that low it will be topped up from the traction battery.

Thanks for the info.

I will carry on turning the headlights down to …the bare minimum (I forgot the name in English) when sitting in traffic.

Last winter I did a lot of short journeys with headlights on and I was stranded, luckily at a friend’s drive. The Twizy just wouldn’t start. Thought I had to call emergency out. Got home and had a thought, it might be the 12V. Asked my friend to plug the Twizy in overnight. In the morning, it was good as gold!

I’m with @osbrook on the headlight range thing. I think @Iaan 's estimate of the motor wattage is a little optimistic in real world terms, as if the motor only draws 600W you’d be able to drive the Twizy for 10 hours on a single charge.

I think the saving is more like 1%, maybe 2% if you’re driving gently. In my case I get about 35 miles on a charge, so I’d be able to drive an extra 600 yards or so by driving with the headlights off rather than on.

(If I now run out of power 600 yards from home, I’ll regret not bothering with that saving….)