Running bigger wheels?

Now Christmas is behind us I’m in the process of planning what to do with the Twizy as we start to move towards the spring. One of the options is to change to bigger wheels and wider tyres. I’ve done a bit of looking around and can only find the one firm who do the wider arches and adapter plates.
So questions to those of you who have already embarked down this route. Where did you get the bigger arches and adapters from? Do the adapters use 3 countersunk bolts to hold it in place and have 4 fresh holes for the new PCD or do they only use two countersunk bolts and the third hole is a clearance hole and becomes one of the 4 new holes and bolts into the original disc? What thickness are the adapters you have used and what offset are you running?


I have gone down that road.
Bigger wheels, larger tires, adapters.

I choose a wheel with the same offset. And an adapter plate thickness compensating for the bigger width of the tires. So the original connecting rods of the fenders could be used.

I can tell you more about the adapter plates etc…
I got stuck in making the fenders. Too busy with my business… So when the weather got wet I removed the wider wheels again.

unfortunately in the UK the wheels cannot protrude so the wheel arches are compulsory on the Twizy.

What size wheels and tyres have you gone with?


Renault Twingo alu wheels
‘Intra T-Line D6514’
6,5J X 14
H2 ET23
4 x 100

Front: 175/60R14 Toyo Proxes CF2
Rear: 195/55R14 Toyo Proxes T1R

3/100 to 4/100, 30mm

I used this tool

Hi Mike. What form did you find who make wider arches please?