Rural Twizy Prototype

I’ve been meaning to post this here for a while. Last year we won the inaugural Green Transport prize in Edinburgh and have used some of the money to commission some cosmetic and not-so-cosmetic modifications to a Twizy to make it slightly more useful in rural environments: specifically with higher ground clearance, greater suspension travel, and some basic luggage carrying (and even bike-carrying!) facilities. The vehicle is now on the Isle of Eigg, the small inner Hebridean island that features in the famous Skye Boat song. The island isn’t connected to the mainland grid, but has one of its own powered by an impressive array of renewable energy generators: wind, hydro and solar. It will be tested out by several of the families there, and so far seems to be holding up OK. Range anxiety is not an issue on Eigg - the longest road trip is less than 5 miles - but power consumption is.

If you’re interested, you can read about the vehicle itself on our blog here and about the trial [URL=“”]here.


Fascinating stuff, great to see some real pioneers out there :cool:
A great mobility solution and off grid too, wow!

I guess softening the ride up improves it no end?

Interesting read. Thanks for posting.

Well, it makes a lot less fuss on minor holes in the road, but the main issue we had to address is that a Twizy can’t keep all four wheels on the ground on a typical rough stone track. The conversion means that it can at least go anywhere a “normal” saloon car can, without losing traction. You wouldn’t want to go faster than walking speed on some of them - we haven’t turned it into a Landrover exactly - but you can go where any other 2WD road car could.

It doesn’t affect the handling as much as we thought it would, though we don’t drive (or corner) very quickly. The modification is very simple, apparently, so get in touch if you ever get another Twizy.

It will be interesting to hear how you get on in such an environment. Look forward to your next post.

I love the bike carriers!

You should buy a small Honda petrol generator for that rack to improve distance

Unless you’re planning to leave civilisation, and given that you can’t charge it while it’s moving, that would just add weight, and actually reduce distance, alas.

Thanks, I will :wink:

I took mine on some tracks and forest paths and it did well but can lose traction when a wheel is raised, nice to know tyres can fix that.

I guess many a farmer would find a use for one of your rural versions.