Rust protection

I have just ordered my Twizy that will be delivered in a couple of weeks.
I wonder if the Twizy need some rust proofing? Is there any part of the Twizy that tend to rust in salty winter conditions?

I have noticed that the front flexi brake Jose brackets can start to rust, also all the electrical connections in the motor etc are prone for corrosion.
Depends on how much you wish to strip the car down to protect it all .

I would suggest spraying a product called acf 50 liberally over the bits you don’t want to rust. I have used it on bikes and my trike to stop nuts, bolts etc from rusting.

Great thanks! I have ordered a can on ebay!


The front brake pistons.
I have made replacement stainless ones

Don’t spray it anywhere near you brakes though, as they won’t work, cos this stuff is slippy!!!