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Scientists develop 'personal heating' via bracelet

Scientists have developed a bracelet that can warm up the user when it is cold.
By this means, the person can be warmed individually and the heating in a house doesn’t need to be set higher. The bracelet can also cool the user.

The bracelet is connected to the skin and has sensors to measure skin temperature and surrounding air temperature.
If this temperature is too cold, the bracelet can turn on the heating.
Scientists think energy can be saved in houses because the heating won’t be as high.
Also, when discussion arises if heating should be warmer or not (one person has cold, the other has warm), this bracelet could help by warming up one person or cooling down the other one.
The scientists received money to develop it further.

Source below, also includes little movie:

Maybe something for a Twizy heating.
Do be careful, I can imagine you don’t want to be naked in winter with this bracelet on, you’ll freeze to death without even knowing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Your opinions?

Just the wrist? :wink:

Apparently. It is not my expertise, but quoting comments on another news website about the same subject, it seems that the wrist skin comes the closest to your blood veins, and you’re warming up the blood or something. Again, I could read it wrong, but it could serve as a possible explanation.


Translation: I suspect it has to do with the arteries at to the wrists that run close to the surface. A trick, which I think was invented in the army, is to hold just the wrists under a running tap with cold water and you’ll feel colder because your blood colds. The other way around too, rubbing your wrists against each other if you have cold works fairly well.