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Scotland, Scotland, Scotland

Do you own a Twizy or know of a Twizy Owner in Scotland? If so, get in touch please.

Member twizywindows is up near Glasgow, I believe :wink:

Hi Mark, I think I may be your closest ( if not only ) ! ( apart from Scottish & Southern at Central Station who have one too )! Hows the hire idea progressing?

Mark, quick cut and paste from another forum topic whi may work round the National Park…?

I had a dream… for the Scottish section why not stop twice a day at caravan sites and use the electrical hook ups? I reckon you could thread a very scenic journey thru the highlands with an extended lunch stop for a midday top up at one camp site then move on and stay at the second…could be a great wee touring holiday come to think of it !

Really frustrating progress, still waiting for consent for our charge points. Caravan sites - good idea, will do some investigation…

Caravan sites might not work. 1)Unlike pubs and cafes they get nothing unless you stay over
2) Many do not have a full 10amp supply.
3) Some don not let user plug in hoise kettles or fan heaters so an EV has no chance.

Others are much freer with their power.

Worth check out the bigger ones.

That’s interesting re: the caravan sites, Firstly I’d certainly planned to pay them a “charge up fee” during the day and then move on and stay and camp at the evening one so that site would get my camping fees etc. I’m surprised I can charge the Twizy in my domestic 3 pin living room socket but you reckon caravan hook ups cant cope? Mmm this may need some more investigation with site owners!