Seasucker roof rack for Twizy

Hey guys

Does anyone know if the Twizy roof can be used with Seasuckers vacuum roof racks? Or is it not designed to carry any weight? I was thinking of having a small/tiny roof box on there for a baby stroller or strapping on my bike at times.

Whatcha think? I don’t like the design of the CarGo solution. I want something less invasive.


I would guess they wouldn’t work on the roof because the surface is textured (unless you have a clear roof).

You maybe better with @Christian 's solution here!/CarGo-le-nouveau-porte-charges-New-load-carrier-Neuen-Ladungsträger/c/18110015/offset=0&sort=normal


As @Pete says. If your roof has the textured surface the suckers will not hold. Pete’s links give some alternatives

If you have the seetru top everything is fine. You can use the Seasucker system.
Before we bought my wife’s Twizy it has been used as a Google-like camera car for some years. On the glass top it had a camerasystem with three sucking points. No problem.

Though after three years of constant sucking I could see the circles . Polishing with the polishing machine cured it.

And how to change the textured roof into a glass one has been described in this forum several times :grinning:


Agreed. If you have the clear perspex roof then it will. Quite well I should think too.

Emmmm. Plexiglass us NOT as flat glass. It has Micro pores. suction and other adhesives give way. Make sure to have anything that’s up there double secured.

We fitted a standard Halfords half-size roof box on our Twizy. You need the “foot” adapters for a gutter-less roof which effectively “squeeze” the mounting bars onto to car. We didn’t think the roof itself (which in our case flexes) would be strong enough, so we though mounting more directly on the chassis would be better,

You do need an angle grinder to shorten the cross bars. It works OK, though as you can see it does rather dominate the vehicle. Takes about 10% off the range, which isn’t bad - in fact, the roof box is probably more aerodynamic than the Twizy (though that’s not a very strong claim).

Now that’s much better!!!

That’s exactly what I was after :slight_smile: Pretty cool

Do you know which brand you used for the “feet”?


Halfords own brand, I’m afraid, so possibly not available outside the UK. But anything designed to fit on to a bare roof - i.e. in the gap between the doors and the car body - should do.

The difficult bit was shortening the cross bars, which had a slot you also need to extend inwards.

Careful fellas. That may look like a good idea but if your loading weight is a tad too much, the plastic clips that hold those plastic frames around will snap like a little twig and have the complete thing fly off over your head.
The combination of:

  • cold temperatures
  • weight
  • air speed
  • shock through a pot hole or speed bump
    WILL get the job done.

I would speculate a gross weight (set up included) of 15-20 kilos will put you in that danger zone.

These clips were thought to be there only to hold the COSMETIC plastic frame.

When I was removing those to pimp my Twizy a pulled on them at an aproximate pull strength of 8-12 kilos. Most broke off and only a few popped out

But won’t the rack squeeze together from both sides so the rack is in fact not relying on the clips holding the plastic cover in place?

Alexakos has a point, though, and we would never carry more than about 20kg (including the box) in ours. It would obviously be much better to attach the racks directly to the tubular chassis.

We would have liked to have done that if we meant to keep the box on permanently, but it does waste energy. A professional design (in our opinion) requires bolting or welding on four screw-in ports that sit flush to the panel surface and are unobtrusive when not in use. Way beyond me, I’m afraid!

@TwizyHans that would be the case IF those would squeeze absolutely parallel. But like I said, we have many forces working here. Head on and side winds, a very stiff vehicle that transfers almost 100% all road irregularities and weight fixes according to movement (sideways in turns and back and forth on accelerations and braking)

Actually you need the gap between the roof and the box as you see it on all vehicles. It’s an air pressure discharge.

The best would be a welded to frame bolt on points as all cars have. Even ordinary vehicles have a weight limit of only 50 kilos. Ofcourse those also can withstand air pressures of over 150 km/h.
I don not want think the effect of head on collision. That thing will only make a “crack” sound and fly off into the unfortunate one.

All good points, Alex. I need it for my bike mostly. I’ll check with a welder if he has any suggestions.


If you clip off those side plastic frame covers you have immediate access to the frame.

There’s that Masser again!!!

Yeah…, but here it’s the opposite. WITH Fenders BUT NO WHEELS;))

Great solution as long as you are careful with load