Seat pad replacement

I’ve just been thinking… A lot of us probably have badly worn seat pads and would like to replace them but baulk at Renault’s prices. So, is there any mileage (kilometreage) in trying to arrange some sort of bulk deal (discounted) with Renault? Alternatively, does anyone know the company who manufactures these - and would some sort of direct deal with them work?
I’d be pleased to know your thoughts.

My Twizy has done over 15K miles and my seat is hardly worn. Don’t think it’s a big problem.

@electric Bill It may be as a lot of seats have split. Mine has but it is not worn. The problem will be people will wont different colours. I wonder if sorting out a re-cover might be easier.


You can contact : DECOUP-MOUSSE



Thanks for your replies.
To Osbrook, I’m probably in the same boat as you - seat is split in about 4 places with foam showing and wearing. My Twiz has about 32000 miles on now so the splits are perhaps unsurprising.
To Phillippe, Decoup Mousse look good on the website. They appear to offer at least two seat pad alternatives. Do you know if I would need to send my damaged seat pad for repair or are these entire replacements? Also do you have any indicative costs or would I need to contact Cyril Rossi for this info?

It looks as if the french site could supply replacement foam but not necessarily cut to the exact shape and not covered. I can get the foam off my local Market and can cut it but I really need it covering.

Hi Osbrook
On the Recoup;Mousse website 3 examples of what appears to be their Twizy seat possibilities are on view, so it rather looks like their services are comprehensive in terms of seat refurbishment. Maybe we will get more illumination from Philippe, although I’m guessing replacements will not be cheap!

Do you have a page link?

Aha, decoup, not recoup! My mistake. Twizy appears about 3/4 down the page.


Out of curiosity just how much does Renault quote to change the seat pad? Mine has always had a split but I notice it starting to get worse this week

I went off the boil with this. Did not enquire of Renault so I’d be pleased to know if you get any info. I’m pretty sure taking the pad off and replacing it is straightforward - so it’s really just the price for the replacement seat pad (rather than getting them to do the worK).

Hi there,
I rang Renault here in Belfast and its £202.62 + VAT for the drivers seat pad. I think maybe I’ll see if there’s a way I could ‘wrap’ the seat pad myself before going to that expense.

Incidentally mine has no doors and I had gone into the parts place previously to get a price to get the bits to do it myself and it got beyond £2k so I gave up. The staff were really helpful but they know themselves that anything Twizy related is just off the scale price-wise.

I wonder if I went to the factory before it relocates to South Korea could I get the parts cheaper :smiling_imp: