Seatbelt not working

When I got out of the car at the station yesterday, the seatbelt release clip was stiff and took a few presses to release.

Upon returning to the car in the evening the seatbelt would not click into place, despite checking that it was clear and doing the usual of wiggling etc

Renault have been pretty good and booked it in first thing tomorrow now, hopefully they have the part in stock to replace.

Hmmm new Renault issue??
I hope not:p
I am scared every time I take my Twizy for a ride, that it won’t give me trouble.
I will have to ship it to Italy or germany if something happens to it.

Been to the dealers, they are ordering the part and replacing on Monday under warranty

Can’t fault the service. Give credit where credit is due.

Absolutely - actual dealership contact has been first class in my experience

Probably just starting to rust. Scoosh in some wd 40 and it’ll be fine!