Seen a potential Twizy. Need advice!

So I’ve been looking to buy a Twizy for a while now and this has been for sale for about a month, it started off at £4900 if I remember correctly and it has since fallen to £3999.

Thing is it’s a 12 plate, so fresh out of warranty, that makes me nervous. Aside from that it’s a Tecnic and in white, which is the only one I would buy. I am going to see it over the weekend but feel it is still a bit dear for a 2012 model. Any suggestions on what I should offer? Tried getting a valuation for it online but can’t find a site that does quadricycles, so I’m clueless to it’s value and don’t want to be robbed blind, please help!

Also I saw an ad where the owner said they were on a £35pm battery lease, I thought it started on £45pm?

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I think you should try around the £3K region. Let’s face it, the Twizy is not easy to shift, unless the price is right. Only nutters like us appreciate it. Try the usual “do it today” and show you are serious.
Good luck.

Depends on mileage and whether it’s had its disc brakes and pads changed recently tbh. If it has, and mileage is under 10,000 I’d say £3k - £3.5k is fair.

If it hasn’t and/or mileage is high I wouldn’t offer much above £2800 for a 12 plate now.