Selling a Twizy as a private sale: steps to complete

What happens when you sell your Twizy and need to change details from yourself to the new owner:

Transferring Battery Hire (Private Sale):
In your pack somewhere you should have a letter with a form attached to set up a new hirer on the battery and relieve you of your responsibility of paying for it.

When selling mine, I signed it then faxed it to the new owner, who filled in all details and faxed to the correct department (sorry lost the fax number) at Renault.
They then contacted the buyer to carry out necessary checks and set up the new hirer onto the system. This involves a credit check to make sure the new hirer is not bankrupt or there has been a meeting of their creditors-so bear this in mind if you are selling to a new owner who wants to pay cash for the Twizy. Unless Renault could perhaps implement a full term pay-up-front method for people who fall outside their criteria, you need to ensure your buyer meets this criteria.

I rang and chased Renault during and so did the buyer and we managed to get the new agreement set up on the same day by both making an effort to get it done.
There is no problem setting up the new owner with a different mileage and term; Renault simply close down the old agreement and set up a completely new one for the new hirer.
So as long as the buyer fits the criteria and is not bankrupt etc, this is a fairly straightforward matter.
Once set up, Renault rang me to advise my obligations had been ended and the new agreement was now in place.

Notes: if selling, you need to set this up in office hours and ensure the agreement is completed before handing the Twizy over, otherwise you remain liable for the battery.
The battery hire shows as a credit agreement against the chassis number on an HPI report and you need to ensure that Renault notify the finance register that the agreement has been terminated-see below.
The battery value is £2770 on the agreement and needs to be insured separately-your buyer needs to be aware of this.
On the agreement, there are loads of notes about cancellation charge cost formula and a note that any change is subject to a £65+vat charge. For me, the only charge I paid was one extra month (£53) to close my agreement down.

So, as long as your new owner is aware that they need to be solvent and they need to insure the battery, the changeover can be handled within the same working day, if all parties want it to happen.

Clearing RCI (Renault) finance:
This was very easy, I simply rang the number on the agreement 0871 977 0006 and it was all done with the keypad-no need to speak to anyone.
Call the number, enter 10 digit agreement number, 1 for yes/correct, say reg number, 1 for yes/correct, date of birth as six digits typed into keypad, 1 for yes/correct, choose option to settle finance, they read out amount, 1 for pay this amount, type in card number, expiry date, CVV code, done.
A text arrived to say finance paid off and after some nagging an email “clearance form” was emailed through from RCI saying “we no longer have any interest in (chassis number)”

Note: if selling to any party wishing to carry out an HPI check before buying your Twizy, it is imperative to ring RCI immediately after settling the finance, in office hours and ask them to notify the finance register immediately that there is no longer any finance against the vehicle and ask them to then do an HPI check from their office to make sure it is showing as clear. In my case, I paid the amount in full on Thursday lunchtime and a HPI report at 2330hrs Friday night still showed finance outstanding. It took another call on Saturday morning to sort it out, but I guess without prompting it would have been well into the following week-which would have held up the handover even further.
HPI stated that it usually takes 2 working days to update their system-which could be done in minutes with this phone call to RCI asking them to manually change the details on the register.

Time-wise, I think we were pushing it to get from a full settlement by card payment, to HPI clear in 48 hours, so bear this in mind when planning a handover.

**Notifying DVLA and Renault:
**On handover, you send the filled in left side of the V5c off to DVLA Swansea SA99 1BA and give the right side green portion to the new owner who can fill in their details on this and use it as proof of ownership (and to tax it if need be) and this will register the new owner as the person currently responsible for the vehicle.
For recalls, this info is available to manufacturers so they can let you know of dangerous faults, but it is a good idea to go to your local dealer and give them your registration number and personal details for their and Renault’s use in case they need to get in touch. If you have a decent dealer you might get details of special offers, or invited to events such as roadshows or a new car (ZOE?) launch, so it is worth doing.

Once the above is done, monies sorted and insurances updated the car can be handed over.
Don’t forget both keys, handbooks, accessories etc

In my own experience, you need to foresee any possible hold ups in the process and keep in touch with Renault to get things done swiftly-they are helpful if prompted.
It was actually easier selling the Twizy than it was buying it, but don’t get caught out by not finalising the battery hire liability before handover or by concerning the buyers with any HPI updating delay*-it can make things fraught when it looks like the car is still financed when this has been cleared-but Renault has not informed HPI.

On selling mine, the HPI report came up with two finance liabilities:
1/ RCI finance agreement number (10 digits)
2/ RCI battery hire agreement (10 digits)
BOTH of these need to be cleared off the finance register by Renault/RCI finance before it will pass any HPI or similar provenance check-you need to chase this along :wink:

So, more straightforward than it might appear once you know what needs to be done :cool:

Great thread - Stickied.

Great thread, but here’s hoping that not that many of us need it :slight_smile:

Wait, I don’t want a lease as I’ll be exporting to the US, can I just pay the £2700?

At this moment in time Renault don’t offer a purchase option on the battery.

This means the battery is never yours, which could make exporting to the US tricky.

I would get in touch with RCI and speak with them about what to do.

Does anybody know of any third party battery manufacturers that make one for the Twizy?

Great thread, now when you sell it what do you tell them about the new excess mileage charge? Does the old contract apply 2.5p per mile or the new £11 odd per 100 miles!

I guess it depends on your actual contract, read the small print!

:slight_smile: I guess what I’m saying is that the cost of your twizy to a new owner is either dependent on when you bought yours, meaning that all twizys are not equal, and I should buy a second hand one from someone who signed a decent contract (doesn’t sound right) or ANYONE who wants to sell their twizy will have to inform and then sign up any prospective buyer of to new charges. I think renault has just made it even harder to sell your twizy second hand thus effecting the second hand price at some point during renewal new t’s and c’s including updated charges will apply. I don’t wish to offend or annoy, please please tell me I’m wrong…

I guess the new contract would have the new terms, though-all are fresh when renewed, not a continuation.

I guess there could be a legal aspect to that, though if Renault are making people who have contracts lose money by making the new terms for their buyers unattractive so making the cars harder to sell and therefore worth less.


I am preparing to sell the twizy privately as well.
Concocted an “agreement” of sorts for the proof of sale for Renault as well as affirmation that the new buyer understands and is capable, intending to form a new hire agreement for the battery with Renault in their own right.
This way there is no confusion.
Have a poke at my “Renault twizy private sale buyer-seller agreement”, see if it is helpful…[to anyone]