Selling my loved little Twizy

Since we now have two kids, i never have time to ride this anymore!

This ad would probably only go home with my fellow Norwegians here


Hello, I am very interested in it - I have been looking for a Twizy for a few months now and yours looks great!

Any idea how I would ship it to London or register it? I’m quite new to it all.

Wow! I have never heard of exporting vehicles out of Norway. Are they not cheaper in the UK?

A bit cheaper as far as I can tell but I haven’t seen one that looks as good as your one so far. Plus there is no option to buy the battery in the UK and I hate the idea of paying £45 minimum every month to rent it.

On my rough calculation, the disadvantage of the higher price in Norway should be out weighed by the cost of the battery hire in just 2 years.

Though anyone that knows the UK Twizy market better than me - which is probably everyone here - please tell me if it is a mad idea…!

Thanks for that! Well i guess, if you could handle the paperwork etc, it could work :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic! :grinning:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, I have e-mailed a few car import companies for quotes on shipping and most of them say that they deal with the paperwork as well so I will let you know how I get on.

Does it have any accessories or anything you have added? Are you able to tell me a little bit more about it like how long you have had it, any problems, that sort of thing.

Sounds great! Well, i have two sets of windows, and summer and winter tires. I only had the twizy for 1 year, give me some time and i can translate the ad :slight_smile: ohh, and it has the “Kenneth Nilsen tune”

@Twiz note Norway is outside the eu and you will have to pay for import tax.

Well as long as the Uk is in the EU anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Ojeah! Thats something too keep in mind…
For how long is the UK in EU? Hehe.

Not really important as there will be import duty regardless of the UK staying or leaving EU.

It sold today :slight_smile:

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I miss it allready! Hate having to drive the big diesel familycar when i have to make grovery trips etc. Wife uses the citroen czero, great little car, and cheap to run. I have been looking at Tesla, but cant tow the caravan with it, and the new model X is still to expensive, maybe in some future