Selling My Twizy Colour (London) still available

Hi All, just launched my auction today.
Bought it on here, so hope some next fan could continue the legacy, until “one day” for me again.

£3550 starting auction. No Reserve
With #taqsi “Sound System”

See listing for more details and get in touch!

Happy Holidays, XMAS, New Year

PS this would make a great xmas present for someone ha-ha

Hi. What is the milage on yours?

10k :smile:

…not that it matters, twizy is still under warranty until 07/2016
MOT passed with flying colours
No cam belt to Fret about

Did it sell?

Nope. I take it’s a seasonal thing.
It was too chilly for folks to imagine commuting un-heated?
I keep commuting - not costing me more by keeping it for now.
So Hope to list when it gets tad warmer.

How’s yours?

Great actually. It is cold driving it this time of the year of course and I’m sure you will shift it come April time. Where are you located and how many miles I wonder? I probably would have had it off you as mine is (now) similar spec to yours (it was a colour but added the Technic wheels), but only had 2250 miles on it when it was delivered to me. After a lot of cleaning (I mean a lot) it is almost mint bar a few very minor marks.

Keep me posted - there is a guy at work that like mine a lot and he has bought “different” cars in the past…

One on ebay technic all the bells and whisles. And windiws £5300!!

Well that’s nuts. Renault West London have a demo with just 500 miles that I could have bought for £4200. I didn’t because they do not deserve any of my money. What a bunch of XXXX

Lol. Indeed I have seen one on eBay this evening.
Nicely looked after also it seems. But £5200? Not really my kinda thing.
Mine has done near 10k miles me thinks. Or will do come April.
I too have those very same Windows as per Ebay listing but mine now need polishing etc.
Then again, i listed mine on gumtree for £3750 (1500 cheaper than Ebay listing?) but during mid-winter - I know - bad timing.
However sensible offer comes along, I’m content to neg offers when the time comes.
Until then, - im based in North London.

I’m not going to upset you guys and remind you what I paid for mine then! And it was from a large Renault dealer. Just caught him on a good day I guess. In fact he hadn’t even got images loaded up on the site and I he called me (can you believe it, a Renault dealer actually calling back? Heaven for bid!), 8.30 on a Saturday morning, after I emailed at 11:30pm the night before. He did say "if you snooze U lose. He was referring to Renault West London who were just incapable of calling me back. Bought it totally blind and was delivered a week later. Very pleased.

Only being a bit nosey but, is it just me or does the guy with the 64 plate Technic on eBay have, like, a 6ft tall milk bottle in front of his house…?

Lol, had to revisit the listing.
Geeezzzz that’s a lotta milk!

I do like the soft seating padding though, on that twizy

Just seen the milk bottle. I think the owner (who has posted on here) should explain!!

I do like the look of the padded seat he has. Anyone know what it is or maybe he may tell us that too?

Looking at this one seems interesting. Wonder how much diesel it actually takes?

I hope it’s a high economy 0.8L or the like of forTwo.
Seller evidently never sold a single item/car on eBay… And with (0) rating , evidently true :wink: