Selling my Twizy with its traction battery

I am now selling my much loved Twizy. Very unusually, it comes with the battery, so you will not require a battery rental agreement with Renault. The battery is almost new (replaced under warranty in January 2016).

This unique position results from the fact that when I bought it second hand, I was not informed about the need for a battery rental. Ironically, the first registered keeper was Renault UK! I am the second. Renault have cleared their interest off the HPI register (in June 2015).

If you are interested, please feel free to make contact, or ask any question. The vehicle is now for sale by auction on E-Bay, if you prefer to make contact by that route:

Its a bargain for someone that is for sure good luck with the sale

Sold yesterday for £4600. Not a bad price for a 2012 car :flushed:, even with a battery included. That’s 3 years worth of non-warranted battery rental (at least I guess so), if you base a £3k retail value of a 2012 Twizy. But in 3 years who knows what Renault may do? Good buy nevertheless.

Urgent urgent

Hi everyone, hope all members are doing great, I need an urgent advice, I bought a twizy in march 2013 from Renault U.K. Dealership and took out battery rental contract. We drove twizy over a period of 1 year and few months and manage to do only 450 miles. One day tried to start, lights were working and speedometer was working but car was not able to move. Called Rac breakdown service, they checked the car and said it’s not holding enough charge, needed battery charging. I sent the car to Renault dealership. They checked the car and said your car and battery are under warranty and this won’t be an issue and they will either get it repaired or replaced. After a month I received a call from them denying to repair/replace the battery as they said we have not driven the car the way it should be. According to them we left the car on storage and that damaged the battery. We cannot keep the car driving for the sake of keeping the battery well and car was driven only when needed. They handed an estimation of over £4000 plus
Vat to replace both the batteries in the car. And funny thing even after paying battery cost we are still not the owner of the main battery. We involved national Renault service line to help us but they came up wit the same thing. After wasting few months we collected the car from Renault U.K thinking we ll get an aftermarket battery or will see if we can get it fixed from outside. We received the car in total dead condition, not even lights worked. Car has been sitting in our garage since then . We are paying £45 a month rental and ended up with a dead car in our garage. Now I want to get rid of it as need space in garage. When I checked the battery agreement, we are still liable for the battery rental even after selling until the company does new buyers credit check and other things for smooth transfer. I am really stuck, I am thinking if we can get it fixed cheaper and still keep it or sell it. I have tried if any second hand battery on sale or any repair service but could not find anything in U.K. Abou the contract they gave us three options and we did not reply them or anything and they are still charging us money.

Please assist. Any advice or idea.

Warm regards

I may be able to re-cell the battery for you. We have done some other vehicles for damaged cells. PM me some pictures. If it’s a right off we can give it a go. No fix no charge