Selling my twizy

Hey folks, I’m in Carnoustie in Scotland. I’m selling my twizy as I’m downsizing the fleet! I have 5 cars at the moment. Gonna sell 3 and buy a Zoe and a camper. The twizy comes with doors and Renault Windows, and has some rather nice old school pinstriping done on it. I am also selling my Mercedes 320 clk and my black smart car (451, 2008). If anyone is interested, please let me know. Looking for offers around £3500 for the twiz, £2000 for the smart and £3000 for the clk.

Hi how many miles on the twizy, and what’s the battery rental?

Hi jockywilson. The mileage is only 6500 and the battery rental is £51.67 per month for 6500 miles per annum. It’s a 62 plate. I bought it with only 230 miles on it. Love the wee car. Will be sad to see it go. I’ve used it practically every day, rain, hail, sleet, sunshine. Always with a smile on my face.

Sounds fine. I’m going on Holiday next week, so I’ll check and see if you still have it when I get back the following week.

Just give me a shout John. Are you local?

Mine is still up for sale! 13k miles, + Windows.
London based. £3400 ovno

No I’m in Aberdeen - do you still have it?

Hi john. Yes I do. I haven’t advertised it yet. I was waiting on you getting back to me. Just let me know if you want to come for a look.

Hi john. Just wondering if you’re still interested in the twizy?


I still am, however I’m short on storage space for it at the moment.

I also am struggling to find someone that can get it to me in Aberdeen without paying the earth for it.

It would be a long drive north having to stop and charge. What’s the best Range you can get out of it, and what would be your suggested cruising speed? I could get the conversion cable to use 7kw chargers, but it looks like the longest run would be Arbroath to Arbuthnot which is about 32 Miles. I’m guessing it could do it, but how long would each charge take ?

Also who do you use to insure it?
Cheers John

It’s nearly a 30/50 car depending on the weather. Drive at 30MPH and do nearly 50 miles. Drive at 50MPH and range is less then 30 miles.

Sounds a fun trip except for the 3 to 3.5 hours waits each full charge.

Yea and I guess I’d need at least one the way back! It would be a fine vehicle in town for my daily commute, and would be better than my MP3 scooter, and way better than my Yamaha EC03 which is pretty slow.

Perhaps all the owners could offer charges and you could hop from Twizy to Twizy on the way home. You would at least learnt a lot about the car chatting at each stop with an existing owners.

Your welcome to get a charge at mine after calling in to see @lightly to get your brakes checked. Then to Meadow hall and their Security Twizy.

It will fit in the back of a short wheelbase transit van John. Go online and get a quote for sometime moving out for you. It’s a lot cheaper than you think. The guy in the Orkneys got his transported up to the ferry for 100 quid

I have it insured through Churchill on my multi car policy. A friend of mine has had a trailer made for his twizy. I’m sure he could be persuaded to bring it up to you. I will ask him.

I have to go offshore this week, so I’ll not be able come down next weekend for a look, but all being well I can come down the following one if that’s’ ok.

I’ll see what I can do to get some space for it! Got some vehicles to get rid of as well!

Cheers John

Ok John. Just give me a shout on here and let me know when you want to come down. Thanks

Just put it on autotrader mate, you will be waiting forever with dreamers.

Yes mine is for sale my plans have changed now so it is not needed anymore. Its for sale with a friend on his car pitch so lets see what happens

I’m still interested, got my two scooters up for sale to make room.