Selling or VT Finance

Hi, Long time no speak.

I am looking to get rid of my Twizy. Not for any negative reason I love the car. If i could I would keep it.

I am looking to take up the ZOE deal they have at the moment. Now They can transfer the outstanding debt of the Twizy over which makes it far less appealing. Or I could Terminate the Finance using the 50% paid rule and then walk in a fresh new customer and get an amazing deal.

I would rather the Twizy went to someone who would use it, rather than sit on a forecourt as a piece of pop art collecting dust.

Any advice would be appriciated.



I am also interested in purchasing the ZOE but will keep the Twizy. Make sure you wait for the ‘‘new’’ ZOE already available in France since the beginning of May.

it is not a new design as such but it has a new electric power unit & chameleon charging cable. The driving range has been increased (not by much) and you’ll get a much shorter charging time from home. The downside is the fast charging time has increased.

I will spare the technical data but in France you can choose which ZOE you want… the new or the old depending of your needs!

I would think that the answer lies in wether you could get enough cash to pay off what is owed.
A price for the car will assist , if you want to sell it.