Serv and main battery warning

Anyone seen these before? I should add it has been a little cold lately, yesterday it was -20c and the twizy still worked just a little slower. Both battery signals have been there for a few days, but the serv light appaired today. Any ideas? Just too cold maybe?
I have the “Kenneth Nilsen” tune, so i cant take it to the dealer…


Did your Twizy dwell outside for an extended period? I believe the two signs on top mean the battery is too cold. When SERV is also on, the power is reduced.

Your german Twizy friends described the same problem this week. What I read on the german Twizy site things get back to normal after ± 7 km. And of course when Global Warming reaches your place eventually.

Hi Hakon, if you need to borrow my tuning kit again then I can send up to you. no problem :slight_smile: just let me know

Thanks guys! Will wait for better weather then, and yes, its been standing still outside almost all desember. I hope it will fix itself when it gets hotter :smile:
I appriciate it Kenneth! Just hoping I dont have to, hehe

Dear Håkon and Kenneth,
I live in Denmark being very interested in Kenneth’s tuning gear.
I would appreciate to know what the clock says about remaining rage just after being fully charged. For the time being - and we are around 0 C - my Twizy starts with 42 km after charging.

Hi Hans! 42km must be pretty bad? In a country so flat, hehe.
Yesterday it was -9c and i had 52km after full charge. I drive exactly 50km each day on highway, normal speeds is 70-100kmh. I do however “coast” as much i can, and this helps alot! In summer with hotter weather and summer tires, the typical range is 65km. I do think i could get 90km if i drove extremely careful…