Serv fault

Last week I had a battery issue which I overcame. Since then on start up if I turn the lights on too quick I git a warning in a couple of occasions.

Tonight I turned on and got the stop / Serv error.

It let me start and select reverse but as I moved the car died, everything went dark.

I stopped and restarted and it turned on ok except the Serv light came on and has stayed on since.

It drove home ok, I then put in charge and turned on and still it came up.

Any ideas before I book in with the Renault garage? I take it a normal garage around the corner will be no good.


I think you’ve got a 12v problem. When using headlights, wipers etc all at the same time, it seems to drain the 12V faster than the traction battery can charge it, Particularly if the 12V is weak.
Charge it fully and use it during the daytime and see if you have still got the same problem. If so it might have to be a garage job, a Renault garage job, I am afraid. Before that also try charging the 12V as described in another thread.

Prob worth removing the 12v battery & getting it checked. Sounds like it’s in need of replacement

As you mentioned that it went ‘flat’ once then it will be damaged and should be replaced. Less than £40 for a slightly higher capacity one. Lead Acid batteries do not like to be fully discharged and don’t like the cold. It’s a 12V 12Ah YPC14-12 or similar.

Thanks it is booked in for Monday - ringing Renault assistance now to look at loan cars etc.

It never went totally but I had a problem with the serv / stop sign and an error with lines flashing up. It started after a couple of minutes, but that was probably the start of this.

As an aside, since last week, the traction battery seems to have better range, now this could be temperature related or possibly because it is not charing the 12V, so instead of having a mile left on average I am now getting 5-7 miles

So the car went in this morning, picked up on a low loader and it only just fitted on the back!

Then no hire car at the dealers, Renault assistance had to sort it out with a two hour wait for the car.

During this time they managed to fix the fault, through inspection, rest and a software update.

I drove it home and no problems so will keep an eye on it.

Not fully convinced that has solved the issue but time will tell

Software update? Do you know anymore? What is covered by the update.

Try braking and accelerating at the same time a see if the power is cut. Charge the Twizy ans seen if the charger fan cuts out shortly after charging rather than hours. These are two things I would expect from the newer firmware. But have no idea how they install it and why it would help your issue.

They had no idea when I asked and seemed surprised that I did! Just that it came up with a software update and they updated it!!!

I will take it for a test and see if the power cuts with both pedals pressed

Meant to put this yesterday as was back at work - but tried braking and accelerating and the car shot out of the garage! So the software certainly has not fixed that.

Also had the SERV light come on again once I turned the lights on, albeit went out again straight away, but the problem is obviously not fixed so booking it back in today.

I would contact Renault UK and tell them the problems you are having and ask them to suggest a competent dealership who actually knows what they are doing. (Best of luck with that one!)