SERV Light - Clears after Brake Pedal Applied

Hello fello Twizy owners,
I need some help troubleshooting a SERV warning light along with the battery ! symbol appearing.
Context: Had master cylinder replaced today along with Hazard Switch. Driving tonight on way back from garage with lights on I get the SERV light appear.

After testing it tonight with the lights on when the SERV light appears I depress the brake pedal and the SERV light clears.

I thought it may be a brake light bulb. All checked out fine.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Tomorrow Iā€™m going to see if driving without the lights on repeats the same pattern or not - to perhaps rule out/in the 12v battery.

Any help, greatly appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Low brake fluid. Should be a simple fix, fingers crossed!

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Hi Blinx, did you fix the problem (Serv light/brakes) you explained here above? Was it a brake fluid level issue?