Serv light coming on when applying brakes following service

I’ve looked at the several serv light threads but not found this one. The Serv light is coming on since the renault garage replaced the rear brakes along with the small battery symbol with the ! in the middle. It comes on and stays on for as long as the brake pedal is depressed. As soon as the brake pedal is released all warnings disappear. Did they muck up somehow? The brakes do stop the vehicle at least!

Have you checked the brake fluid since the service?

I naively assumed they’d have done so. I’ll try to work out how to do that and look tomorrow when it is light enough to do so.

When you service the brakes it’s easy to forget to top back up (well easy for Renault).
To check is easy, remove by pulling along the top edge the panel between the headlights. The Brake fluid cylinder is there in plain sight.

But see this thread as it sounds good news.

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parallel worlds!

Try to measure the 12v voltage. Easiest way is with a multimeter in the cigarette lighter socket. If the voltage drops by a big amount (1-2v) when brake lights turn on, that may be your problem. You may have a faulty 12v battery or a loosen connection on battery socket. I am not sure thou what that have to do with the repairs…

So the brake fluid is full. My model has no cigarette lighter socket so I guess its back to the dealer to sort it out. Oh joy.

The 12v Accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) is hidden in the bottom of the left hand glove box and has a cover over it. All Twizys have this.

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Could it be a failed brake light?

The garage say some ‘switch’ has rusted and partially failed which is causing the warning light to come on. They swear blind it has nowt to do with their work in the service (correlation /= causation and yet …). I think they were talking in terms they hoped a technical numpty like me might understand - they failed! Anyway, they have ordered a replacement and fixed for now (at least the warning lights stayed off all the way home). I’m hoping it is still under warranty. Home to work, to garage to home left me pretty much on the range limit though!