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Service book?

Service book? We have a used 700 miles Twizy, but I can find the service book? Is this the rear section of the hand book? It’s 12 months old but does not have any stamps? I take it they need a service every 12 months? As I can’t find the schedule in the hand book.

Ive been told by renault uk that it has the 4 year free service.

My Twizy had its first service in April this year. I had them stamped the rear section of the handbook which happened to be the service book too. Yes, the service was free, included in the 4 year package. What surprised me was the garage said the next service will be in two years time. I am going to ignore that and get the Twizy serviced in another year, since it is free anyway.

Yep service book is the back of the handbook. Don’t rely on Renault to send you any notification that you’re due a service…they won’t. Just ring them up and book one.

Thank you, is there anywhere that states the official service schedule, and what they actually do on it?

The garage said there is hardly anything needs doing at the first service, except check the brakes. I waited while they did the service. It didn’t take them long, about maybe half an hour. I would say service is every 12 months, since no one is going to clock up big miles in a Twizy. Unless someone knows any different.

I would have thought the main check would to ensure everything looked the way it should - no nails in tyres, uneven wear, stressed suspension etc - a safety check and to validate the warranty (in case it demands a dealer perusal). Since it doesn’t cost, why should owners be reticent?