Service Interval

Our Renault dealer says that after the end of first year service, the service interval goes up to 2 years or 18,000 miles. Can anyone else verify this? We booked one in for its third service and they just called to tell us that it wasn’t necessary. It’s a pain to have to take a Twizy all the way to our dealer, who is just on the Winter-Spring range limit of a 2 or 3 year old Twizy! (would have been OK today, though! :smile: But we do need to stick to the terms of the warranty.

Mine is going in for its 3rd service tomorrow.
After the first year 1st service, the dealer said next service is 2 years. After the 2nd year I still booked it in for it’s 2nd service since it was free. They did it.
When I booked for this 3rd service they said it’s 2 years for a service so no need till next year. I said 1st service was 2 years ago so now it’s the next service. I didn’t mention the 2nd service. They were confused but booked it in anyway.
Well, we’ve got 4+, might as well take advantage of that.

Well, didn’t get the 3rd service.
Went in this afternoon for the service, and they said I definitely didn’t need it. 2 years interval so next service is next year. I suppose they don’t get paid by Renault.
I am not bothered since my Twizy is running very nicely. Would have been interested if they would have said I needed the brakes doing.

Is this in the handbook anywhere? Can’t find it?

Sadly I missed the 4+ thing so in a lot of ways a 2 yr interval after yr1 would suit me fine!