Service intervals?

Can anyone please tell me what the service intervals are supposed to be? My twizy is nearly 3 years old, and has only one stamp in the book. It is now showing nearly 3000 miles. I bought it 4 months ago with inky 230 miles on the clock. It dies the actually stipulate what the service intervals are supposed to be.

I had mine serviced after the first year. The dealer said the next service was two years. I ignored it and booked it in for service after a year. Service was done and free anyway, included in the 4+ scheme. Again they said next service in two years time. I booked it in again after a year (3rd birthday) but they said service was not due. So it looks like it’s every two years in the early years.

Mine was purchased new and has been serviced every year for free under the 4+ agreement.
Had to pay for MOT as expected but not the services.