Apologies if I have missed this in the search engine, but does anybody have the schedule difference between the A and B service?
Having been in contact with the dealership that serviced my car, they have said it has had an A and B service last year, its first service ever and at 500 miles. It also has had new front disc and pads, plus a new 12v battery, all of those were chargeable it seems.
My hazard switch is a little temperamental, so spoke with the local dealer, who inspired me with confidence saying the last year of warranty certain items are not covered so couldn’t guarantee for it to be under warranty…umm well I am sure it won’t be being paid for by me, however as far as servicing, the first person said it needs A and B, the other said no just an A, but they didn’t know what each entailed. I understand it needs brake fluid changing at 4 years, which is 6 Months away.

My experience of main stealers has never been that good and this is when I’ve had a “normal” car which you would expect them to see everyday and should enough about to do the job right. Taking the Twizy into the garage (if I ever do) will worry me no end. This is a car which they probably rarely see so goodness knows what will happen…

Might call the garage tomorrow to see what service history mine has, with only a 1000 miles on the clock I doubt very much.

They were supplied from Maidstone and it appears most of them went into Westover in Poole for service. Appears we can take out years extended warranty for 295 which may be a consideration come May.

Top tip will ask about that tomorrow, it’ll be worth it for the piece of mind. Even paying that on top of the price of the car is still a lot cheaper than buying a newer with 18 months warranty left on it. :slight_smile:

Phoned my local Renault dealer today to see if they could get the service history for me, no was the answer unless it was serviced within their network of dealerships. :confused:
So phoned Westover, and sure enough they had the history. Serviced at 2 years old with “that can’t be right” explained the man on the phone “a 100 miles on the clock”," well it’s only got a 1000 on now" I replied. It had its A+B service a new hazard switch and a new battery too. I guess the “rent a Twizy” business model didn’t work too well at all, the car must have been standing around for a long time.

Sounds like the same chap I spoke too, he seemed to think at first there was an error on the mileage. I have sent my service book off for them to stamp it and get a print out of the work done. Going to look at the brakes, as they sound terrible, not ideal after they were changed as I said at 500 and now might need again if they have rusted too far. Searching on here and it seems a few people have had issues with low mileage and brakes, I do wonder if the Twizy brakes don’t like being stood. As you said Mike, doesn’t seem like the rental market was viable, hence they obviously shut shop.

This service thing for these is plain ridiculous, it has gearbox oil, brake fluid, and checking pads and worst case scenario Lubing some grease nipples. Normally I change gearbox, transfer case, rear axle oil every other year if it’s a very high powered car, like my old Evo.

I’ll probably change gearbox oil every year in this, brake fluid every 4 years of use (!), check pads and I do have a hard thinking that disc is something that needs to be replaced often.

A brake fluid electrical pump system is very cheap to buy if you want to do it yourself :slight_smile:

And the buffoons at SMC Aldershot refused to change my gearbox oil in July when I asked them (having given then the correct oil myself as well), saying that they are not authorised to do mechanical work of that kind on account of it being an EV. Hopeless and I will never return…

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Does anyone have the list of the items that are covered in a Twizy service (A or B) and the service schedule or know where I can get this?
Thank you

It was on the old site. But the list was full of silly things. Check air caps on tyres!

Try the Android Twizy app. Sorry not got it with me to check.

Please, which Twizy app ? I checked google play but do not see any likely candidates.


Obviously been removed form the play site. But try this

Having asked Renault UK, I received the following:-

  •      Changing oil and Oil filters
  •      Fluid Levels top up
  •      Replace Sealing Washer
  •      Carry out a comprehensive range of safety and computer checks.
  •      Conduct manufacturers recall check to ensure any outstanding enhancements are carried out free of charge under the warranty
  •      Wash and Vac

Clearly their agent was not familiar with the Twizy and its something that I have taken up with Renault management!

I did get a reply from an independent main dealer, who said:-

The 1st year service (A) covers checking the lights, the brake discs & pads, wiper blades, screenwash levels, 12v battery, the on board computer with diagnostic tool, tyre pressure, wheel valves & a visual check of the charging cable.

The 2nd year service (B) covers the above and also check the anti-corrosion, the ball joints & shock absorbers, windscreen & door mirrors & the warning lights on the instrument panel.

The brake fluid is replace every 4 years.

Basically, I cant see anything that warrants the price and taking it to the dealer network, everything can be done yourself, or via an independent garage, for a lot less.

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IIRC you can find it in the user manual.
Sounds like the lis you mentioned (not the first one :sunglasses:)