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Sevcon programming cable £100

Before Kenneth invented the powebox .you could programme the motor controller via the above cable.i bought this cable for £300 .but never used it.its almost impossible to get the software but I contacted Kenneth and he was willing to talk me through the tuning process and supply the correct software for a lot less than the tuning box.

So I’m selling this cable if anyone is interested in directly programming sevcon controllers.i was too impatient and bought a tuning box which is a doddle to use.this cable is for the more technically minded amongst you.i suggest contacting Kenneth for more info if unsure of its use.

Hi Subevo,

Is it just the cable you are selling or both cable and software?


Hi just the cable.software is hard to Get hold of due to sevcon licensing but Kenneth has the software and was willing for a fee to supply the software and walk me through the programming step by step .its supposed to be easy if you know how.best to email him with any questions.

do you still have the ixxat interface to sell?

Twizy Sevcon gen 4 is locked HARDWARE and cannot be re-programmed … don’t give away extra money ???