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Should I buy one

Hi Guys

I have been looking at buying a twizy for some time but was waiting for them to hit the second hand market before jumping in. As there now appearing for sub £5000 as part of a move to a new greener life My wife and I decided to pop along to our local renault EV specialist Wests In bedford for some advice and possibly a test drive.

Now this is not the first time I had tried to get some advice from a dealer but I had put there lack of knowledge before down to it being such a new product but today left me in total shock…

First of all we checked on the web for our local specialist… gave em a call and confirmed that had a twizy and drove the 30 miles to the showroom, On waiting we had a look at the zoe and I was very impressed and after a few minutes the salesman was free and came over. I explained that I had been looking into the Twizy for some time knew about the range and was really looking to sit in one and if poss get a small test drive. With this he explained the never really sold them as they where not a proper car, they had one in the group but it was time for kings lynn to have it for 6 months.

I asked if there was anywhere closer than kings lynn as it was a good 60 miles for us and what his impression as someone who sold them was, and he explained they had never sold one as they where crap. the range was really bad sub 30 miles and they where useless. I told him that from Forums… I was getting told range was more 30-40 and my use as a local run around with longest being 20 miles to milton keynes which has free charging and he chuckled said that the twizy was not upto it and to get a real car…

So whats the story… can this vehicle get me around town 10-20 miles a day max with once a week to milton keynes 25 miles away where there is free charging…


Welcome along Hamish, sorry to here about your experiences , that is truly shocking. Personally I would ask for the guys name, and report him to Renault, I thought my experiences were bad enough, but when a company invests as Renault has done, they do not need folk such as this.
I can tell you that I have a Twizy myself, and use it most days , I travel 8 miles to work, and the same back, my guys at work all love to use the car, so little trips to the bank, or suppliers make it a very useful tool, and a great advert for my business. Sometimes we have charged it twice a day, and have done 100 miles, the worst I have seen is probably 26 mile range, this is caused by constant flat out driving and very cold weather last winter.
For me the biggest draw back is the cold weather, but if you have been a motorcyclist, it is bearable with some good clothing.
I have access to loads of wonderful cars, but for some reason the Twizy makes me smile the most, it is such good fun to drive, and feels like it isn’t costing you a great deal to run at all. I suppose the more you drive it , the cheaper the cost.
I have had a recurring throttle issue, but could get it sorted if persistent , and the car had to have a replacement charger last week (covered by warranty).
basically, if you accept that the dealers are totally rubbish (on the whole), then the Twizy is a little jewel, it is quite pricey, but good things are :slight_smile:
I think the Twizy would easily do what you require, so long as you get a jacket for winter & a hat :slight_smile:
If mine was written off, I would buy another immediately.
hope this helps a bit.

The Twizy is a great machine for what you want it to do. The problem lies within Renault as this attitude is widespread and has caused the Twizy to sell very poorly in the UK and therefore the resale value has been hammered. There are many accounts of Renault not sorting the issues out and not being very helpful when things go wrong.

My advice would be to go and test one, then try and get one for £3-4k. At least one forum user accepted £3k to get out of his and there will be others who have done so.
Quite a few (like mine) have sold via this forum and there have been a few decent deals published on here; I posted a link to a 6 month old 50 mile Technic with doors at £4500 a few months back, but it has sold now. If you can hold back until the first frosts the price will plummet further as dealers expect to have any stock unsold until next summer.

If you can stomach the fact that you are buying from a firm that seems to be deliberately sabotaging the model and costing owners huge depreciation and can get a good one for the right money and it suits your needs, great. Just hope to get a decent one, as the attitude of the service department closely mirrors that of the sales department in my own lengthy experience.

I miss mine, but God I DO NOT miss Renault 8-|

Wait until an unbeatable deal is spotted-the frost will help you soon :wink:

To be honest this guy sounds like a total prat.

He obviously has never even driven a Twizy. Or if he has he can’t drive properly which is why he might be getting such poor range.

Believe the owners of this forum when we tell you that a 20 mile town trip will be completely fine. You will even get 40 miles out of it around town.

Hi, Hamish. Welcome to the forum. I am in MK and have never come across another Twizy yet. Were you to get one and over in MK you might be the first one I bump into.
Marshall, Renault dealer, in MK is pretty good, from my own experience. They have a sales chap called David who is well up on EVs. It’s worth having a chat with him. Don’t know if they have a demonstrator as I bought theirs.
Don’t buy the Twizy as a “serious” vehicle. There are too many sensible alternatives around. Buy it as a “toy”, just to run around in locally, with the occasional “long” journey, then it is perfect. You will never have so much fun and attention. Yes, attention. Everyone wants to talk to you about it. As to the question about the range, didn’t someone suggest the 30/50 rule, ie drive at 30mph and the range is 50 miles, drive at 50mph and the range is 30miles. That’s about right. A few months back I checked out the range by going to a friend’s party, a round trip of 40 miles, driving between 30-40 mph, and had 12 miles range left when I got back. So from what you described it will be perfect for your purpose.
Yes, MK has got quite a few charging points. Don’t know if they support the Twizy’s 3-pin system. I think they are mainly type 2. I have never checked as I never use them.

Cheers guys for the advice, I am trying not to let the guys remarks put me off as I totally love the vehicle. I think i may give the dealers a wide berth and buy one of these forums and or ebay…

As for speed I am coming from owning a piaggio ape which only done 35-40 so I am used to a limited vehicle

Hi Hamish
As others have said the dealer was talking total rubbish!
I have had my Twizy since January and have just clocked 4000 miles without any problems.
I use the Twizy every day to commute to work and back.
I average 16-20 miles a day (Depending if I go shopping!)
With the warmer weather I get home and plug in, the gauge shows 65-69% Charge still remaining.
So you will definitely not have any problems with the range for the small journeys that you want to do :smiley:


Last week I was in Smiths Renault in Peterborough and they have a Twizy. I had a drive in a Zoe but saw the Twizy I drove a couple of months ago in the showroom. Maybe worth a call, closer than Kings Lynn. Also the person I spoke to wasn’t anti Twizy.

i saw this interesting post, and i just wanted to add my dealer experience
my dealer loves the Twizy, he even owes one :smiley:
i drove his Twizy for a whole day as a test, and it was great fun

so, maybe TS should move to Belgium :wink:

I think other western European countries tend to be a little bit more open minded than Britain. Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium are probably all more open minded than the majority of the British population. Obviously I’m making a sweeping statement but it doesn’t surprise me that the Twizy isn’t as popular in Britain. Most people over here only love what they know and make fun of anything different.

maybe if Jaguar or Aston Martin would make a EV, it would become more popular :slight_smile: