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Hi, I have been considering a twizy for some time now, but struggling to justify. I am fortunate to already own two very nice cars, but I do like the idea of owning a twizy also. I recently took early retirement and quite fancy the idea of using the twizy on fine days to run around locally. The battery rental is really the stumbling block at the moment, as second hand prices are quite reasonable. I fancy a Technic with very low mileage. What would you consider to be a good price for 2 year old Technic with sub 1000 miles. Finally, what should I do.

Hi @s7cky
Welcome to the forum. I understand your dilemma, I have a car and a small Motorhome and no need for a Twizy but I was curious about electric vehicles. So last August I did what you are contemplating, I bought a two year old Twizy Technic for half the price of new. It has been brilliant!

I’ve learned about range, battery life, regeneration, fresh air, economy and fun. I’ve chosen to use it throughout the winter for all my local trips (25-30 miles). How much energy is needed to transport me to the local town to buy and bring home the groceries (and wine).

Battery rental is not negotiable so I have acceped it as a way of reducing the capital outlay on the vehicle and passing responsibility for maintenance and eventual disposal to Renault.

Renault have created a brilliantly simple and infuriatingly flawed EV but maintenance and modifications are very straightforward and there are some very knowledgable and capable members of this forum who form the unofficial Twizy development team.

I guess you can anticipate my conclusion - go for it.

You only get one life Kevin and reading your post I think you answered your own question but to echo that sentiment, my advice would be to go for it!

Thank you for your reply. You have already made my decision a little easier. Planning to view a Technic tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Buy one but if you are buying from a Renault dealer negotiate hard. I haven’t regretted one bit buying mine and despite the fact I have many cars, the Twiz gives me the best grin factor and I use it almost every day to travel to work and back.

I have owned some weird and fancy cars in my life.
The Twizy gives me the MOST compliments and cheery shouts hands down. If that don’t make your day better… What does?

Welcome, Kevin.
When I bought my Twizy over 3 years ago, I was in a very similar situation as yours. I was retired with four cars and I lived on my own. I hardly go anywhere (far), so I definitely did not need another car. But when I saw the Twizy I knew I’d got to have one. I never test drive one and I bought the local dealer’s demonstrator. It was going to be my toy.
It turned out to be much more than a toy, one of the best fun car I 've ever had, and I have had a few. I drive it virtually everyday, all year round. I do a lot of nipping in and out locally, in fact I make excuses for it, and it is perfect for it. It also saves your ICEs from the damage and heavy fuel consumption from short journeys.
So definitely go for it. It will be the best thing you have done for a while, I’m sure. Only thing is never buy new and go for one with doors. Be patient and you can pick up a bargain. Must say I have noticed the Twizy second hand prices seemed to have firmed up a bit in the last year or so. Let us know how you got on with your test drive.

Agreed! What ever you do only buy with doors fitted, they can’t be applied afterwards.

I have 4 cars, the twizy and a trike. I use the twizy every day, so regard that as my main transport. The others are all toys! I have the merc as the “family” car and the other 3 are smart cars. One for the wife, one for the daughter and one for me. The trike is for nice days to blow away the cobwebs. Bought my twizy because I saw one and had to have it. I used it all winter and love driving to work, sometimes at 4 in the morning, when it’s really cold. I’ve had the windows in approx 5 times in a year. Buy it without regrets. I treat mine as a carbon offset for the gas guzzling merc and the trike which is just for pleasure.

Well we went to test drive the Twizy, unfortunately the condition was not as expected. With less than 300 miles from new I was expecting it to be virtually unmarked. One of the rear mudguards looked to have been hit pushing out of alignment with the wheel. Whilst it could have been repaired it was enough to put me off. It drove well enough though…so I will continue to look.

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