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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Show me the money!

What I write is true and I will add pics in a while to prove it. I drive my Twizy to work so I leave it parked in the street (elevators too small to carry it to the office in the 2nd floor…). But half in the morning a guy comes in the office to ask about the Twizy. It turns out he questioned people in area to find out who was the owner and he wanted to offer me the battery rent in exchange to put publicity stickers on it! He took it a away and I just got it back. I have to confess it does spoil a bit the driving experience but its one less expense and times are rough, so…show me the money!

That’s a fantastic idea!! As long as the advert is in good taste, it is a win win situation for both parties. Only worry is what’s there to stop him paying you for the battery hire after, say, a couple of months. Then you have the trouble of removing all the stickers. That reminded me of a deal I nearly made with a restaurant which I frequented often a few years back. They were going to put their advert on my Nissan S-Cargo for free meals. The S-Cargo was and probably still is one of the most distinctive vehicle to carry adverts.

I currently have 3 Twizys and run a company renting the cars and the advertising space out.

Bookings are anything from weddings, school proms, local shops and even a nightclub.

We are on track to have 25 cars placed with company’s by the start of the summer.

They are great for promotion.

Its all good,ours gets loads of looks.


No advertising on mine - other than national pride!