Show us you bike

How many of you have motorcycles on here ?
I figure that at least a few of you use 2 wheels as well.
Here is my bike, its a bit faster than the Twizy, and has more luggage space :slight_smile:

That bike does look very nice! Did you give it a quick wash before taking the photo?

Unfortunately I don’t have a bike license so will have to stick to my Twizy for now :wink:

So mine is smaller than lightly, I do usually ride it to work right through the winter, which is fun up here.

Strangely your picture doesnt show on your post, the message says invalid attachment , but when I quote to respond, it does ?
looks like a 125 or 250 at a guess, I use mine if its above 5 degrees, as it has heated grips :), below that I dont like the salt effect, or the risk of falling off on ice.

When I took the pic of mine, it was BRAND new, and I had never ridden it.
it doesn’t look quite as clean now.

Lightly, there was a problem linking the image from Dropbox, and when you were trying to reply to it, I was probably in the middle of fixing the problem, hence why you didn’t see it and then you did.

It is a 250cc, it has been green laneing so has a few scratches. Heh but that what it’s for.
No good if you are short in the leg the seat is 36" off the ground.

Pic is up fine now.

Mine old MZ ETZ gave way to the Twizy. I’m jealous of anyone with a BMW GS though. It’s my dream bike…

I do love it, spent about an hour cleaning it on Sunday, mainly due to guilt. Only cleaned it about 3 times since I had it.
Tax runs out next month, so nearly had it a year now, seems like no time at all.

my bike is a Brompton folding bicycle which fits quite neatly into the back seat. Nice to see that Twizers are coming from 2 wheels as well as four.

Here is the bike next to the Twizy, shows how little a Twizy is :slight_smile:

My bike history…

1984 Suzuki CL50d moped My first bike and has many happy memories-peeled off the Love (CL50d model name) stickers off to find paint unfaded underneath-Love visible!
1990 IFA Simson 50 motorbike Had so much fun on this and learnt how to mix fuel and two stroke after lots of trial and error and pushing…
1990 MZ ETZ 125 Glorious bike, did 20,000 miles no hassles
1992 Cagiva Mito 125 Had it for 1 day until I blew it up-its just not an MZ
1995 MZ 251 Saxon Tour +luggage My favourite bike-wonderful, wish I had never sold it. Damn.
1992 Yamaha XJ600 Cheap, clean, mushy, dull
1993 Yamaha XJ600 Cheaper, cleaner, not as mushy, just as dull
1992 Honda C90 cub One of the all time monumental machines-was planning a world tour on it!
1998 Suzuki Bandit 1200 +Yoshimura system Nice off the lights, but 998,435 flies on your visor, 800 miles on each rear tyre and 25mpg?
1998 BMW R1100RT lovely
2003 BMW R1150RT lovelier
2005 BMW R1200RT +cruise, cd changer, nav, ESA, OCS ++ Slick but loads of warranty issues, sold it after 6 months 18k miles-after third gearbox, 1150 was better bike
2012 Sukida SK125-5B little Chinese commuter which was good clean fun for peanuts-bought new, sold for a profit!
2004 Aprilia Atlantic 500 Maxi-Scooter +nav, audio, speakers, luggage Bought, fixed it, sold for profit to fund Twizy, nice scoot but not a BMW RT!
There’s others-my memory fails me.

You can’t beat a good MZ :wink:

Find a way to attach the Twizy to the bike and you’ve got yourself a combi! :wink:

Hey cool thing to discuss, always wanted to have a bike but do not know how to drive it lol i know sounds weird but yeah because we gotta take care of it its drive is more care needed,Loving the one on the top.

Just replaced my bike (Again…) :slight_smile:
Just bought a Honda NC750X DCT, the DCT stands for Dual Clutch Transmission
The bike has 6 gears but is fully automatic, the DCT system works brilliantly.
it has Three modes, D mode, Sports Mode and manual mode
Manual mode you can change gear up and down with two buttons on the left hand grip.
TBH the Software is so good I just leave it in Auto
The DCT version is actually half a second quicker 0 to 60mph than the Manual version!
Last year I had the 700cc Manual version and it used to average 76mpg
Honda quote 81.6mpg for the 750, lots of Owners are getting more than that!


Here’s my electric bike:

125cc class, top speed 100km/h
Range about the same as Twizy, maybe a little more.
Power 13kW.
Charging time 4-5 hours

That looks great, can I ask how much they cost?

I have imported it myself, costed totally around £3300.

Here’s my electric bike:

125cc class, top speed 100km/h
Range about the same as Twizy, maybe a little more.
Power 13kW.
Charging time 4-5 hours

Nice! :smiley:
What make is the Scooter?


I forgot about this thread, I now have a different bike to the BM, had it about 12 months now, it’s a Ducati Multistrada