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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Show us your Twizy!

Please treat this topic as a shared image gallery to showcase your Twizys and other cool cars. Just reply with your images!

Toro, our “rugged” Twizy, now on the Isle of Eigg, Scotland


Twizy window in-fill. Cut from carbon fibre printed ABS.

Front scoop, Cut from carbon fibre printed ABS.

Mirror grommet fashioned from an old flip-flop!

Number plate moulded to nose shape. Carbon fibre vinyl wrap to headlight surround.

@Kes @peter_szczesiak @Christian @Johnny_J

Come on guys, get your pictures on here show us your Twizy

Mine is boring but I will get a picture up tomorrow.

That’s a fancy rear wing!!
I want to attach a big key at the back of my Twizy, where the Renault badge is. It should rotate as you move along with the wind turbulance. It will look like a big windup toy. I saw it once on a Citroen 2CV. It was hilarious.

Exactly those rims I had on my latest Smart car!

Like the all black, it looks more stylish👍

I will give it a wash and take a photo but dont know if I can upload it as fone is playing up

I will give it a wash as well first as I don’t like washing cars and my Twizy is not the cleanest and I have got new blue rims to show off!

Here’s a pic of my pretty pair of Renault EVs.
I am a Church of Scotland Minister and use the Twizy as my ‘Parish bike’! 1600 miles so far and have loved each and every one of them!
Got the Zoe at the end of May as my family car. Done 5100 miles in that already and love it to bits!
Very glad I made the change.

Nice pair!!
Is that an Arnold Clark sticker below the Renault logo at the back of your Twizy. You should charge them a fee for advertizing for them!!

Here’s my twizy with his big bruvvers!!!

no idea why they uploaded more than once?

I’d love some food delivered in that!

I could deliver you a curry in mine Kez! Hehe