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Show us your Twizy!

I love your headlights!! Can you give me some info? Where can I buy them?

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Check this out


Your photos are so professional they almost look like renderings! Amazing.
I considered buying those bluetooth RGB ones when I bought mine… but also thought it might be a bit gimmicky.
Is there a setting to just keep them white?

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Here’s our Twizy 45 and my kid who does most of the driving. :slight_smile:

Fitted with studded tires, Korean windows, seat heater and extra 130W cabin heater, it’s warm enough to survive Finnish winter. :slight_smile:


Hi, thats cool another arctic driver :slight_smile: . What brand and dimension studded tires did you get? Last I checked we couldnt find any that would clear the fenders.

Hi Zuikkis,

Can you tell me what cabin heater do you use? Thank you.

@Espen, they are Hankook 145/80R13, can’t remember the exact model but I can check. Front fenders needed to be modified a bit… I made a small extension bracket so fender sits slightly higher.

@pisoiu, heater is from Biltema, link to Finnish shop: Biltema link

It needs 16A fuse which means it’s too much for the cigarette lighter. I used “fuse tap” to get the power directly from fuse box…

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Awesome windows. :grin:

Hello Everyone
I have just finished the wheel spacers and put on the new wheels (Purchased from JBW wheels) and the Twizy looks quite cool. I will have to make mudguards but this shouldn’t be a problem for the coming weeks.
The Wheel Spacer Adaptors worked a treat and have given the Twizy a wide stance but most of all they have made the wee car a very comfortable drive.
Next i will do mud guards and i think i will tackle the hub arrangement as after skimming my discs i have found the pads to only touch on about 50% of the disc.

thanks for reading and heres a photo from today



not finished…still adding chrome…it will have bullet chrome signal lights on the mudguards…some chrome on the mirrors, maybe a baby bullbar…


That looks awesome! Love the windows. :wink::wink:

It has twy rain but here they are useless so I tooked them off…is sunny

Are these 13 / 14 JBWs??
What tyres you running?

Hello Matt
My wheels are 13 but I think if I was doing it again I would pick 14 as it would be closer to the height of the standard wheel and the speedo would be more accurate… although if you pick 14 you won’t be able to run the mudguards like I have…, the tyres are Yokohama A539 175x50x13 72v as I have said I have machined other spacers and have them for sale wheels look cool with not a lot of difference in preformance …
Let me know if you need anything else the wheel and tyre package was less than £500

Thanks Brian

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Thanks. I have been looking at availability of tyres in different sizes, thinking about weight, offset etc. The JBW wheels 13s and 14s, Team Dynamics 1.2 (14x7) OZ Superleggera (15x7) all make my shortlist.
Biggest concern is upsetting the speedo and slowing the Twiz down. I think 15s are a no go even in super light form - as you lose alot of sidewall to keep rolling circumference the same. The JBW are like the twingo alloys and look OEM - tempted by the starmag, or deep dish or a multispoke though.

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Hi Alexandr are you able to send me the contact details for the company who made your kit as I am looking for an F1 style kit. Thanks

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