Shutting down

Hi guys

I just wanted to get an idea on how many people are still active on this site?

It seems the numbers are dwindling lately, probably partly due to me not having the time to commit to the site, but also because most of the questions that can be asked about a Twizy have already been asked. I suspect this site serves as a good knowledge base for anyone searching about the Twizy but the discussion has pretty much dried up.

If there are still a good number of people using the site (or who would use the site if I committed to upgrading it) then I will keep it going. Otherwise I will consider shutting the site down.

Would be interesting to hear your opinions.



It’s definitely used as a reference site, perhaps after the top gear race, it might be worth seeing if there’s more interest coming. Particularly as its 3 degrees outside, not ideal twizy weather!

Hi James

I’d agree there is very little traffic, I stay on to add to the conversation even though mine is sold.

I’ve found the forum extremely helpful, particularly with advice from others, pointers and by being able to find a buyer through the site when the time came.
It would be a great shame to lose the site as it is very useful as a reference point, but in reality you need 50+ active members and a lively chat area to make it worthwhile keeping the work involved up.

Is there any way the content could be saved by amalgamating with another site?

It would be a sad day if it closes-but your efforts will have been appreciated.

Hi, James. The news I have been dreading!! Trouble is there are not many of us Twizy owners, and not all are on the forum, nevermind about being active. And as you said, most topics have been touched on and not a lot of new Twizy news out there.
Personally I have found the forum extremely useful. I have learnt a lot and have picked up lots of tips from other forum members. I still visit everyday, a few times a day, so I am definitely active. The next “big” thing I am waiting for is early owners having their Twizys MOT and renewing their contract with Renault RCI, or not. What happens then?
I really hope you can keep it going, James. I will really miss it if it is gone. Whichever way you have done a marvellous job, and we Twizy owners are eternally grateful.
I have had my Twizy for about two years now and I still love it as much as when I first got it. It gives me a thrill every time I drive it and I drive it everyday. It looks like I will get through the winter without putting on the windows. That’s a good tip I picked up from forum members. I might have been lucky and I have a relatively reliable one, unlike some other forum members. It fits my purpose perfectly and I can’t see another car replacing it for the forseeable future.
Thanks once again, James.

The next “big” thing I am waiting for is early owners having their Twizys MOT and renewing their contract with Renault RCI, or not. What happens then?

My Twizys MOT is due in June so I will be interested if anyone has theres earlier, and my 3 years battery rental is up in January so again I will be interested in what happens after that…
Regarding the Forum it will be a real shame if it closes but I can see that there’s not much traffic at the moment.


Actually, mine will need MOT before yours, in April. I have already renewed my contract with RCI for another 3 years, more than a year before the original 3 year contract was to end. I have reduced my annual mileage from 4K to 3K, fees reduced from £45 to £35 per month. I just wonder what happens if you don’t want to renew your contract for the battery hire. Do they come and repossess the batteries.

I realise it would be a shame to lose it. There are nearly 3 years worth of conversations on here.

However, I would be willing to try and develop this site into something more than just a forum for Twizys, however, there is a lot of competition out there and when I previously suggested making this more of a generic EV site the response wasn’t great. Even though a similar site to the one I had in mind has since popped up and seems to be doing well. A few members from here visit it regularly I believe.

If I have enough interest in developing the site to bring it up to date with the latest technologies/standards then I will invest the time. Otherwise it really isn’t worth it for me.

Again, looking for your opinions on this :slight_smile:

As I have mentioned before, there are so few Twizys about that I think it might be difficult to justify a specific Twizy forum. Topics will soon dry up which is what’s happening. Personally I don’t mind if it is a more general EV forum. It will introduce “new blood” and it will also bring the Twizy to more peoples’ attention. There will be more general discussion about anything EV. I do visit quite a few other EV forums, except I don’t contribute. I just like to keep up with development.

I find the forum helpful but many of the topics is possible to find in older treads. keep it open

I don’t use my Twizy during the coldest months, so there’s not very much to write about. :slight_smile:
Maybe there are others doing like me and the traffic will increase when the spring comes.


I understand if you need to shut the site down as a forum. I would suggest you recommend somewhere were we could all move to. What would be a shame is to loose all that information that was gathered about various bits, including the sticky throttle evidence etc.

Still view the site every week day and most weekends. During the Winter the traffic or rather postings do drop off.


I would like to see the site stay there’s no where else to go.


It will be a shame to close it down as it has so much information available & I also check the forum regularly. It is the forum who made me decide to finally purchase a Twizy & I don’t regret it even if some of the posts were about the excessive cost of tyres, brake parts & battery rental.

If you decide to close it down will it be possible to save it all somewhere so we can have access to all the information. Also if you could link it to the Twizy Facebook page if you are the Facebook owner as well.

Anyway, I love my Twizy, it is perfect for me & I am not ready to part with it yet if ever. It will one day be a classic vehicle.

Would be a shame James, not been on here for a few days & faced with this :frowning:
still try to post each week.

A few of you raised a good point about the traffic dropping off in the winter months, and it seems quite a lot of you still enjoy visiting the site.

As a result, I’m going to be making a conscious effort to try and get the forum migrated over to a new platform that will benefit everyone. I’ve spent time before looking into it and trying some things but I’ve never finished it. This time hopefully I will, ready for the summer.

Ive decided to expand the subject matter on the new version though and make it more of a generic EV forum, however with an emphasis on the Twizy and where it all started.

I hope this will be the correct balance and please all the existing active members. I realise a lot of people on here are responsible for the relative success of the site so it would be unfair to just shut it down completely.

Sounds like a great idea, thanks for the efforts James :wink:

Thanks, James. I am so glad to hear that.

Instead of making it more than a Twizy forum, why not make it more than a Twizy forum? With a community writing blog posts about their Twizy life, a central wiki with all things Twizy (with a page for Twizy problems: Sticking Throttle or a page for Modding: Where to get windows, or Maintenance: What is the total cost of ownership of a Twizy and what are the variables).
Contact Renault to use this website as a central hub of support and community. This site may contain a FAQ dealers can use as a cheat sheet for Twizy buyer questions, or for consumers to read if they don’t want to keep up Renault dealers.

Maybe this is too much for a small website like this, but maybe not. It all depends on what direction you want to go to.

You can also, instead of compete with, merge with other websites, like the Zoe forum and have 1 big site instead of 2 smaller sites (Talking about, as an example)

I’m more of a forum lurker. I ask my questions when I have some, but otherwise I stay silent. I don’t interact in conversation if I don’t have something new to say (so I don’t just repeat what others are saying). It might be seen as a flaw, but that is just how my natural personality works; i.e. if I don’t force myself.

I have thought about going down this route before and it’s definitely something I’ve not ruled out. The only concern I have is will there be enough to write about in order to keep the blog fresh? The FAQ/Knowledge Base is a good idea though that I can definitely implement.

Great news James :slight_smile: