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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Sideless for the summer?

I’ve just watched this video from Lov IOU – the folks who make the various windows and accessories for the Twizy in France.

It looks like they’ve removed one door and repositioned the mirror to demonstrate the window kit for non-doored Twizys. But I wonder how simple it would be to remove the doors in the summer for that open-car feel, putting them back on in the winter?


My dealer told me it is not easy to remove the doors. The open and doored models have different panels just beneath the A pillar. It’s not a matter of retrofit the doors on open models. New panels will be needed.

They also told me this. If you buy doorless, you are doorless forever.

And vice versa, by the sound of it! Though i suspect it’s easier to add something akin to a door to a natural-born Twizy than to remove the doors from a factory-doored one. :cool: