Signature gathering campaign for a Twizy battery purchase option

Dear Twizy Drivers,

the attached PDF file contains a letter to Renault, in which we ask for a purchase option for our Twizy batteries:

Because the Twizy is sold in many other countries, the letter was translated into several other languages (French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) and is now presented to the international Twizy community. The signature gathering has been started in the german forum:

If you want to participate, please send me a PM with

Last name, first name, city, country

and tell us in this thread, that you want to participate!

Based on the principle of data minimisation I only want to collect as less as possible but as much as necessary personal data. Your data is only used for the signature collection and is not used for something else!

I look forward to your participation!!!


Thank you Tido for this action !
This petition is conveyed
in France


Great idea, might push them to do something :exclaim:

Sadly, mine is sold so it would be pointless signing.

Have PM’d you. Stick me down.

Already 40 participants from 4 countries now!!!
Keep on posting!!!

Hey I’ve PM’d you too, sign me up :).

Now we have 117 participants from 6 countries! (Without Christian’s collection - so we are a lot more!!!)

Please help us by supporting our campaign!

Prospective buyers are also welcome… :wink: !

On my side I have 18 signatures from France, Italy and Spain.

Collecting the petition stops this weekend. She received around 160 signatures across Europe and it is of course not enough to impress Renault. We do not require a purchase obligation of the battery, but simply to have a choice between buying and renting. Think about it!
Thank you to those who already signed!

The die is cast!

105 signatures from Germany
13 signatures of France
7 signatures of Austria
8 signatures of Switzerland
5 signatures UK
5 signatures from Italy
5 signatures from Spain
A signature of Belgium

Total: 149 signatures. Thank you everyone!

I have finally got an answer from Renault Germany.

In english:

"Dear Mister …,

thank you for your signature gathering campaign.

We regret to inform you that a change in the distribution system for our Z.E. Vehicles is currently not planned.


Best regards,

Direction Quality and Customer Service

We are still waiting for an answer from Renault France…

Best regards,