Skyroof DIY

My wife has a Twizy with Skyroof, My Cargo could not be delivered with one. So I ordered the Skyroof at the dealer and installed it myself.

If interested I make a HowTo.

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You are telling me!! That is the ONE option (bar the alloy wheels) I wanted. TELL ME!!! (please)!!!

Looking at the speed of your reaction you want it indeed. :sunglasses:

Next week I was going to have the roof wrapped in carbon fiber - so your timing is masterful!

What to use:

  • Skyroof part number 916321671R
  • Cutting wire with wooden ends
  • Non breakable knife
  • Fein Multitool
  • Kit to glue the roof to the Twizy and
  • Silicon kit for the roof gutter rubbers.

How to remove body parts in colder months: heat the plastic with a heater to remove.
When placing back: use vaseline spray.

  • Place the kit in a warm place. Otherwise you will have to have superpowers to press the kit out when needed.
  • Take off the front
  • Screw off the small pieces next to the headlamps
  • Take off C part around the door, clicked into the frame
  • Screw off top part above door and unclick
  • Take screws off of black interior in A Pillar
  • Take screw off of backpart above brake light and pull off. On my Cargo that was not easy because there was silicon kit and a plastic clip. Easy does it.
  • Take screws off of inner black plastic behind the back seat (on my Cargo I did not have to do this).
  • Pull out the T-rubber between the front glass and the roof.
  • Take the 2 screws off on the backside of the speaker housing and pull it off.
  • Pull off the plastic moulding on the inside against the roof.
  • Take off the whole rubber around the roof. Make marks how to put it back later.
  • Cut off the roof. You can do that with the sturdy knife but I had no patience for that. Here is where the Fein Multimaster steps in. It takes no more than 20 minutes to cut the kit between roof and frame. Be aware of the following: The kit line is about 2 cm wide. Behind that, on the inside stands a plastic ridge . Don’t saw through that ridge. If you do on some places all is not lost, just try not to.

  • Lift the roof from back to front and cut the kit at the front glass with the cutting wire. That is the heavy part.
  • Take the old roof off.

  • Clean the residues of the old kit but you don’t have to remove it all while kit holds perfect on kit.
  • Take the kit from its warm place.
  • Lay a new fat kit roll around the roof on the frame.
  • The crossmember in the middle wil not get kit.

  • Lay the roof on the back of the Twizy in the notch and slowly land it towards the front between the two side notches.
  • Press the roof sides in the kit.
  • Push the rubber T-stripe between glass and panoramaroof. Siliconspray helps.
  • To help the front corners to stay down use a band (of which I don’t know the name in english, but the picture will tell)

  • Let it dry. Usually 2 hours will do.
  • Cut away any redundant kit.
  • Put the rubber gutter rubber back on. Look at the marks you made. Kit this rubber to the ridge it clamps on with silicon kit on the total back half of the Twizy. If you don’t kit that rubber there the Twizy will leak behind the backseat.
  • At least on the Cargo also the backpanel around the door is glued with silicon kit, while otherwise water leakage.

  • The fun part begins: take of the shielding foil off of your skyroof

Ready! It took me around 8 hours.

Yes I would be interested too.

Very clean work!!!
If that panorama roof was tinted I may consider that mod…

But at the hot Greek sun… Clear roofs are painfull

@ALEXAKOS - tinting the inner side of the roof before installing it would do the trick :wink: but curious on the cost of the main part ordered - the Panorama Roof?

@CrazyTwizy: In the Eurozone it is €325,- Two months ago there was a price surge from €220,- :disappointed:

Actually acrylic can not be tinted. The pores create bubbles and the heat later on will destroy it. (Told by a 3M foil installer)
There is a special technique which involves applying an epoxy liquid to make it applicable but then it’s not all that nice and clear.

Lol, a good ol cap then :sunglasses: that will do the trick :smiley:

That is so well presented, fantastic. It looks like a job for Martin, (that’s the other Martin, not me), it’s far too involved for me to do by myself.

Pity the roof is as much as it is (200Euro is more like it) and indeed if you had to pay normal fitters rates this would be a very expensive modification.

I’ll report back!


"Your Order Contains…
Cart Items SKU Qty Item Price Item Total
**Renault 916321671R VITRE FIXE PAVILL **

** 916321671R 1 £171.21 GBP £171.21 GBP**
Subtotal: £171.21 GBP
Shipping: £6.99 GBP
VAT: £35.64 GBP
Grand Total: £213.84 GBP
Payment Method: Debit or Credit Card"

By the way - looks like this has been discussed before on this excellent owners site? Lots of interesting information to add to Roel’s input? click HERE

Part# is OK. That is a decent price. Some guys have all the luck…

There is something wrong…
I cant see the credit card details on this order!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? That’s odd?

Did you find them Alex? I can order for you and ship if you wish.

Great write up and photographs of the install - way to technical for my level of competency but amazing job

My fitter Martin will be doing mine either this week or next - I’ll let you know how he gets on

I have the skyroof as a factory fit. Love it in the summer and makes the twizy feel more airy. In winter carry a cloth around with you as attracts condensation and can dump a load of water on you when you pull off!