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Skyroof IS AVAILABLE as an upgrade

Just got off the phone to my Renault dealer who has done some chasing for me and it turns out that the skyroof is available to be retrofitted to a Twizy.

The price is £300 inc vat supplied and fitted. So for those who couldn’t wait for the skyroof when the Twizy was launched it has only cost you £150 for jumping in early. Not too bad.

I wonder if this change in stance from Renault is due to the low number of sales?

That’s a good price IMO, worth doing-if I still had mine, I’d book it in

Have to say that is quite a reasonable price. However I don’t know how well they can reseal the new roof. Have you noticed how water accumulate round the edges of the roof, particularly at the back. If the seal is not perfect, there will be leakage problem. Having said that, letting a bit of water in in the Twizy is no big deal. Water comes in everywhere anyway when it rains!!

The panels are bonded in, so I guess they remove the old glue (horrid job!) and run a bead of bond around the frame and push it in place.
I would rather have Autoglass or someone who does this daily doing it than a junior tech who has never done it before, though.

Can you buy the part and get it fitted elsewhere? How much is the part alone?

The part alone was £150 plus vat I think.

If you are confident in your dealer and they will warranty their work in line with the Twizy warranty, then dealer fit is the way to go.

If not, buy the part and get a decent windscreen fitter to fit it; I’ve had a big glass panel expertly fitted for £50 cash.

I’m quite missing my Twizy; a decent one with a Skyroof is a nice thought!

Not if you live in a country with a lot of sun like Portugal…

I wonder if anyone has had this fitted yet, they would have to do a good job… and would need a lot of trust…

I agree. Have you noticed how water tends to accumulate round the edges of the roof, particularly at the rear. It has to be absolutely sealed water tight to stop water leaking in. Having said that, a bit of water inside the Twizy is normal and won’t do any harm!!:lol:

A decent windscreen fitter would do it better than a Renault garage

That’s your opinion, Mender, not based on any factual evidence. And we all know how biased you are against anything Renault!!!
It’s not just a simple job of taking the roof off and bonding the skyroof back on. There is body work removal involved. There is body work overlapping the roof all round so they have to come off first. I will be very doubtful if any windscreen fitter would want to undertake the job.

I would still leave the bonding to an expert though, was not aware panels needed to come off as cannot refer to mine as it’s gone!

My roof had a few marks in the carbon effect and I would have swapped mine for the Skyroof as soon as it was available as I wanted one when I bought it.

I would be carefull with that option - i know the british weather is less sunny but i did rented one with skyroof (before i bought mine) and althoug it looks good it doesnt filter a lot of the sun rays and on good days you need a hat. As for fitters, i dont understand how bad Renault must be in britain - my 2007 Megane had some electronics issues well past the warranty and Renault paid (severeal times) for all the repairs. So much that although i had issues with my Megane i bought a Twizy and next it will probably be a 7 seater Scénic (wife’s demand after agreeing to the Twizy). If Renault there is so bad, come on over - i will buy you a beer. :wink:

I am glad you confirmed my doubts about the skyroof. When we had our great summer this year in the UK, I found it got quite hot inside the Twizy even without the windows, and I always thought with a clear roof, one would fry. Must say it looks very smart though.
The Renault dealers here are not that bad. In a recent survey they came 9 out of 31. Of course one can be unlucky with a bad one. As we all know, we have a member here who had a bad experience with one and he never misses an opportunity to slag off Renault. STAND UP, Mender. :lol::lol::lol:

Present, Sir

I suppose it comes in living in carrot land where electricity is new and they still fear the vapours, dealers too

Permission to sit?

Saying that , though-I was in a Renault/Dacia dealer in Lodz, Poland two days ago and they were pretty good; I suppose being the main dealer in a large city helped.
Nice display included a couple of classics, see photos.

We were looking at the Dacia Lodgy MPV 7 seat, not (yet/ever?) available in the UK and the guy was knowledgable and helpful, the showroom packed with well presented cars.
Renault still sell the Koleos, Espace etc over there and Dacia have the two best models in the range which are not available in the UK; the Dokker (£7-10k Berlingo alternative) and the Lodgy MPV (£8-12k 5 or 7 seat MPV). We looked at the dci 110 Media Nav at 55,000PLN/£11,106 inc ESP, colour touchscreen all EU Nav etc. Great value.

If that garage was our local one and we could have a RHD Lodgy dci 110, we’d have ordered it.