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I really wanted to get the glass roof in my Twizy but was told that it wasn’t available until October. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to upgrade my Twizy once they start selling them with glass roofs?

I find traffic lights a problem. Because the Twizy is so low, and my head is very close to the roof of the Twizy, I find I can’t see traffic lights! I have to hang my head out the side. Anyone else have this issue?


I think you’ll find the answer is yes. Certainly, the Germans are doing just that… :slight_smile:


Are you talking about a home modification or an official Renault thing?

The real thing. I think there are several German owners who have now retrofitted the clear roof. Not sure if it’s available here as an extra, but they certainly seem to have got hold of an OEM one.

Should see no issues why it could not be a retro fit everything just clips on, currently adding remote lock on mine at the moment so have the doors in parts, just depends how much Renault want to charge for the glass? i know the replacement body parts are not to expensive. My only thoughts on the glass roof that put me off was the sun would it not act like a greenhouse on a hot day?

Have to agree with the heat issue. But if it solves a problem for James then that is the way to go.

Can please post some pictures of the inside of the door and door card for us?
Also list out (when you get it working) what parts you used.

I knew I had seen it before.

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]“A glass roof and half-height doors are options across the range, but [/FONT][FONT=Helvetica Neue]must[/FONT][FONT=Helvetica Neue] be specified at the time of ordering as they are factory fit only.”

Others have said the doors are no removable after fitting so that much is true. I hope that the roof bit is wrong for James sake. I’m sure he will confirm either way.[/FONT]

Unfortunately Electric Andy has confirmed that the sky roof is indeed a factory fit. Only option would be to chop my existing Twizy in for a new one come October time. How much do you reckon they would give me for a 3 month old Twizy?

Don’t give up on changing yours. Nikki says the Germans are doing it then it might still be possible. Just not with a Renault fitting.

Things are changing all the time. I was told by the dealer they had ordered ma a luggage bag. However no one is making them at present after the inial company pulled out. There are changes in the side windows, now there are steel frames and soft inserts. This gives the best of both worlds.

About 2k probably:)

This is interesting, just received a tweet from Renalt UK about the possibility of a sky roof upgrade for the Twizy. They said that upgrades haven’t been finalised yet but to watch this space.

This contradicts electricandy, but maybe they’ve had a change of heart and will try and make it happen? I bloody hope they do! I would be their first customer!

I see that RenaultUk say the Skyroof will be available in September and they are looking into Upgrades. Renault need to tell electricandy when he gets back form Holiday.

September is a big month for Twizy changes. Firmware upgrade and Skyroof.

Just had a thought. If the roof is glass, where do the speakers go? Or is there a thin part that is still plastic?

This shows the speakers stay.

The Twizy does look great with a glass roof. Really hope I can get one!

Any luck with information or actually changing the roof to a clear glass Sky Roof as yet?

Hi Guys, I am trying to order a Skyroof through my local Renault parts dept. I’ve found part no. 91 63 216 71R off here but the parts advisor just wants to make sure we get this right (as he has never had a Twizy enquiry lol) so has asked for a REGISTRATION NUMBER and CHASSIS NUMBER of a Twizy that has one Factory Fitted…Can anyone help? PM me if you’d rather not publicise the details, Cheers , Chris

Just came back from my dealer. They have a black Technic in the showroom, just like mine, but with the Skyroof. Looks really smart. There is a roof bar where the two speakers are and the bit of the glass roof that covers it is blackened. The poor thing was sitting in a very insignificant corner of the showroom. Clios and Capturs took centre stage.

I have asked Renault for a sky roof for mine as am having to do a rebuild see Twizy V Van post, he things it’s just a state swap but a lot of work but as I need to change most of the back end I have to remove the roof anyway

If you could get the part, someone like Autoglass could fit it for you-it will be bonded in I imagine :wink:
I thought there was an aftermarket part now sold in Germany-any one confirm this?